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I did it. I am finally one of the sexiest men alive
Oh you cheeky face with my same squinty eye!!
I make everyone that works with me dress like me and change their names to Christine. It just makes things easier. Also where are you going @chrishimmm?
Thank you for having me at your Tribute Collection celebration, Forevermark! #forevermark #tributetoyou @forevermarkusa
Thank you to @jenatkinhair for presenting me with my @revolve Woman of the Year award! There is a reason everyone in this entire industry is obsessed with you - you are one of the funniest and hardest working women I know. You know everything about every country. And you are half of one of the true relationship goals in this world. You have really made something of yourself despite having extremely tiny hands and an overall distaste for adult foods. @1maryphillips, thank you for always making me feel mentally amazing when I feel like poop and physically amazing when I need it the most! You are consistently one of the sweetest, most nurturing and professional people in the biz and I am still so grateful you still make time for my ass!!! I love you both so much. To many more years of friendship please. ❤️❤️❤️
Ahh so excited #CravingsCookBook is now available in the UK!! Link in bio!
lu eating hooter wings, unbothered AF.
happy halloween!
Jeni's #columbus #homesweethome
@mrmikerosenthal @johnlegend