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“can I wear pajamas” “you can wear pajamas” thank you @goodhousekeeping and @ericraydavidson!!
lu! 📸 @mrmikerosenthal
I miss my sea puppies PHOTO CREDIT @jenatkinhair
@jenatkinhair produces all these vacation shoots and all I do is complain, whine and moan. In the end I am always thankful we have her and @mrmikerosenthal to capture these memories forever. Thank you for putting up with me!!! I love you guys @jenatkinhair @mrmikerosenthal @meghan.mackenzie
not safe for blur-k ???? I HATE THINKING OF CAPTIONS Jen’s gonna kill me @meghan.mackenzie @jenatkinhair
hibernation 🐻
“I’m misty!!” 👑 @mistyonpointe 👑
these are my kids. honestly so tired of thinking of captions
@jenatkinhair the director hatessss when you interact with the camera