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I swear, Kami and I try not to buy each other drum stuff for each other’s birthdays...but come on, who can blame her for getting these sweet Roto toms!! I’ve wanted a set of these for way too long. 🕺🏻
I don’t care what the internet says, I like splash cymbals. 🕺🏻
Not much you can’t do with these three. Brass, Aluminum, Copper.
Good to be back out with Eleven Hundred Springs! Come catch one of our last shows of 2018, it’s gonna be a good one.
Oh you know, just buying Lonestar Percussion out of every pair that they have. @innovativepercussion @lonestarperc
@jamescook_music has a great new record out and this is one of my favorite songs off the album. It’s a bluesy 6/8 track with a rockin’ outro called “I’ll Be Damned”, what’s not to love! 
This one also features my 68” Ludwigs and a whole bunch of @paistecymbals masters.
A little black and gold at @sg_studios. #YamahaMapleCustom #ShellBank ...super essential coffee yeti also featured. ☕️
Backing 8 vocalists means the Avioms were completely filled and the drum channels were consolidated to 3 channels. My @porter_and_davies BC2 was a life saver. This is one of only a couple pieces of gear I bring to EVERY gig, recording session, whatever. #GameChanger #porteranddavies #bc2
Christmas Variety Show with the Generations vocal group. And @paistecymbals Masters all the way around make me very happy.
@sennheiser 441 + @shure SM81 + @ludwigdrumshq Black Beauty + @tnr_products 🙌🙌🙌