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One of my fave feelings 🤗 There are only 2 places in the world where I've ALWAYS left feeling better than I did before I walked in.  They are the gym and church.
A lot of ladies I've been working with lately have been wanting to know how to maximize their calorie burn. My answer? Compound exercises! 
A compound exercise is an exercise that involves multiple joints and muscle groups. 
More muscles being trained at the same times means more calorie burn... which means better results in less time.

That's exactly why I put together this full body workout for you. In it, I share 6 basic compound exercises that target every single muscle in your body.  Learn more about the reps/sets rules and see the workout on the blog. (Link in bio)
If I only worked out when I felt like it, honestly I'd never go.  It's all about discipline.  Not motivation.  And if you're not down to workout for whatever reason - depression, injury, you're stubborn, or just don't wanna - you have to get your food on point.  However, I highly recommend exercise if you're depressed and stressed, like me. 💖💖💖 Even if you have to force yourself to go.
Today's green smoothie. It's so freakin good!  Spinach + Stevia + Ancient Nutrition bone broth powder + @vitalproteins collagen +
Super Greens Powder + Almond milk.  What do you put in your green smoothies?
If it was easy, everyone would do it.  Big shout out to you if you're feeling the struggle and doing it anyway!!! #ItWorksIfYouWorkIt #WorkItYOUAreSoWorthIt 💖💖💖sending you a lot of love today
Big shout out to Meg for rocking her Reset Cleanse 🙌🏼💖👏🏼 7.2 pounds gone in just 7 days (see her feedback in my IG story). I'm so proud of you!!
Summer bodies are made in the winter!! Are you ready to transform?  Let's do this! Visit to get started.
If you choose to leave a comment please keep it positive and supportive as she follows me on social media and she'll see what you say 🙏🏼💖
Have the day off? (Lucky 🙌🏼) try this sweet lil full body workout.  You can easily do it at home before you go out to have some fun. (Direct link to the full workout in comments)
Are you making yourself a priority?  #MindRightBodyTight
Wouldn't it be nice if you actually got an award?
I've had a lottttt of clients lately struggling to see the # on the scale drop.  The main culprit?  Hidden sugars!  One client in particular was getting tea at Starbucks assuming it was healthier than coffee but she didn't know they add sugars by default.  Their version of sweetener is called 'classic' and they put it in everythangggg.  Asking for 'unsweet' or 'no classic' is a simple easy way to avoid those hidden sugars, insulin spikes and subsequent crashes/carb cravings.  I hope this helps you 💖
My latest workout is up on the blog.  If you want to reduce your waistline and make your booty pop (without squats) you need some love handle exercises in your life.  See the full workout and instructions on the blog
In case you needed a reminder 💖💖💖