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For real!! 🙅🏻 Can't a gal work her thighs in peace?
Choose wisely my friends 🙏🏼💖💪🏼 Will what you're about to eat rot/spoil within a week?  Does it have only easy-to-pronounce, 100% natural ingredients?  Is it from a live source?  If so, eat up. 🍎🥒🥑🍓🍊🍗🥚🍠🍑
Even though I played a small part in your Transformation I couldn't be happier for you @jennvin531 you earned this and you should be proud of yourself!! Excuses don't get results.  Positive action does.  Old habits die hard.  But they do die with hard work.  You had a choice every step of the way and you chose yourself.  And that's worth celebrating.  You're an inspiration.  I'm so proud of you. 🙌🏼💖👏🏼💖💪🏼
In life you can either make goals (right) or excuses (left). It's been almost a year since I decided to throw away the sad excuses of a broken woman and start making a better life. The first decision I made was to do a cleanse developed by @christina_carlyle, which basically called me out on the shitshow that was my diet.

The second decision I made was much harder and personal and scary, but 100% the right one to make... It has NOT been easy!! Old habits die hard, life gets in the way, and the "comfort zone" is a damn dangerous place. Little by little, though, things started and have continued to change...physically, mentally, and emotionally. "Can't" became "can", "no way" became "hell yeah", and "maybe someday" is becoming "right now". The journey isn't over, but I'm pumped to be on it... #NPCorbust #progress #accountability #grind #gymistherapy #newlife #goalcrushing #skullzandbarbells #August26 #eyeontheprize #cleaneating  #fitmiss #fitcrunch #musclesandmascara #gymangel #grit #cantstopit #inittowinit
I don’t know about you but just about everyone I’ve been working with (myself included) has been feeling extra lazy lately.

Maybe it’s because of Daylight Savings Time.

Maybe it’s the seasonal allergies.

Maybe we’re just stressed out.  Or burned out.  Or depressed.

Or just straight up don’t like exercise.

Or maybe it’s all of the above.  Baby girl… I so get it. *Inhales and exhales deliberately*

So many ladies loved my last round of Lazy Girl workouts… (You can check those out by clicking here.) That I decided to create a second round of workouts dedicated to my girls who are feeling lazy… but still want to work on their fitness.  My Lazy Girl workouts are perfect when you know you should workout… but you just don’t wanna.

See fb full video and workout deets on the blog 👉🏼 (link in Bio)
Wanna feel the magic?  I can help. (Link in bio) Join the Challenge 👇🏼
Happy Spring everyone 🌷🌸🌼🌺💐
Real talk 💖 It only works if you do.
Because I love you ☘️☘️☘️ Don't forget to hydrate. 😘 #stpatricksday
In my world I eat green everyday.  Green smoothies, salads, zucchini noodles, avocado pudding, green tea, matcha, pears, honeydew, apples, broccoli, Brussels sprouts just to name a few.  What are you fave green foods you use to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with?
Do you want to boost your booty?

Do you feel like butt exercises make your legs bigger than you’d like?

If so, this workout is for you!  This sweet lil butt workout will boost your booty – in 30 minutes flat – without bulking up your legs.

Check out the blog to learn more. Link in bio)
And drinks 💖 #MindRightBodyTight