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Wife, Mom, Band Mom, 🎷🎺Certified Coding Specialist, and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.

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Merlin helping me code today. #medicalcoding #catsatwork #cats
Beginning bands first concert. This crew just picked up their instruments in August. So proud of you @southr02 you rocked your 🎷 tonight. And congrats to tying with Rachel and making third chair.
Last Christmas Concert as a member of The Jazz Band and Wind Symphony @bryantbands for @josh.southh. You were all fabulous!!!🎺#seniors2018
@josh.southh did a great job on his #trumpet solo for the All Regions Jazz concert. 🎺
Met the in-laws neighbors yesterday and their crew of chickens, goats, pigs, and donkeys. And their cat that is clearly only tolerating my nephew. Lol
Our sleeping buddy. Sweet dreams y’all!
A little yoga tip. Protect your knees from hyperextension by keeping a gentle bend in the knee. Be especially aware if you are very flexible and can easily hyperextend the joints. This will protect your knees, and we want our knees feeling good as we age.
These three together is a rare moment. 💚
So proud of @josh.southh He auditioned yesterday for All Regions Jazz Band. Found out this morning he made first band second chair. 🎺 And he’s on his way to Arkansas State to audition for band. Having a great senior year!!
I was given this formerly all white carnation on Senior Night last Friday night. We decided to make it match The Legacy of Bryant colors. 🎺🎷@bryantbands #webleedblue
A little coloring stress relief. 💚
Practice time!!🎷🎺