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Spoiled rotten!! Just saying...❤️#tuxedocats #kittens #pets #toocute
Umm..#medicalcoders do you want a medical acronym on your license plate?
@southr02 Holding our friends baby. We are all in love. #babies #toocute #girlsrule #precious
A little morning cuteness with Esther. And the #video bomb provided by Bonnie.  #pets #playtime #catsanddogs
We took our annual Thanksgiving walk to visit the goats!! And I really wanted to bring one home. #thanksgiving #goats #toocute #video
#Repost @zdoggmd with @get_repost
Is it bad that I love this??? 🙌 #truth #ilovethis
Esther enjoying her Saturday! #saturday #cat #tuxedocat
Day 3 of #intothedepths Today's Prompt Is: What were the most common emotions you experienced during childhood? What did those emotions FEEL like in your body? What was your behavioral response? Would you HIDE, YELL, MANIPULATE, ATTEMPT TO CONTROL YOUR OUTCOME? When we get clear on what experiences created our emotional homeostasis, we can begin the work required to see how these emotional patterns are currently influencing your present behavior and decision-making.​​​​​​ Even as a child my emotions felt like 🔥 tangled with the need to control the outcome I wanted. As I’ve gotten older the fire has never gone out, but the need to control has lightened up as I have learned that control is really about fear. Face the fear and find peace... easier said than done. @butiyoga, @breakmethod @themoderngood @bizziegold
#INTOTHEDEPTHS Challenge Day 2....Today's Prompt Is: Is your spirituality PASSIVE or ACTIVE? What can you do to augment your belief systemt to manifest AND take action on your life? What do you want and what are you going to make your dreams, hopes and prayers a REALITY?

Reality...been feeling spiritually stuck for a while. It’s amazing how not being able to move my body the way I want has really put me in a funk. But now that I can workout again my spirit has been lifted little by little. And if I’m going to love my neighbor I have to start by loving myself again. 
@butiyoga, @breakmethod @themoderngood @bizziegold
#snow this early in November. Too soon. LOL #winter #itstocold
#INTOTHEDEPTHS Challenge....Today's Prompt Is: What’s in YOUR basket and how did it influence your identity? AND what needs to be taken out of the basket or evaluated to see if it’s there “just because” or if you’re actually claiming it with intention? 
You know what crazy thing is my basket? #Worry!! And reality is I’ve never chosen to actually let it go. So I think it’s time to burn this basket and let my worry go up in smoke. 🔥

@butiyoga, @breakmethod @themoderngood @bizziegold
Now that I have been cleared by physical therapy (I had rotator cuff tendinitis) it’s time to dive back into my favorite practice @butiyoga. If you want to transform your mind, body and spirit join me for the next seven days. Break out of your mold and join in on the fun and transformation! Go to @butiyoga to sign up!!💜🙌💜@breakmethod @themoderngood @bizziegold #intothedepths