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Thanks Dad for buying this box for me. Lol #catsinboxes #cats
Phone left unattended again.  #selfies
Going to target with my mom! #shopping
Since @josh.southh won’t send me pictures of  Disney...I’ll just steal them from his page.😂. I know y’all are having a great time. #happiestplaceonearth #springbreak
Clyde in his den. LOL.  #beagles #youcantseeme #cuteness
Repost from @iam2018. We will march for equality for all people. Join us April 2-4th in Memphis. Visit to get your free tickets. #march #MLK #equality #unionstrong #afscme #peace
Where has the time gone!!!#memories #growuptoofast
Mama Kitty is a feral cat that we rescued and it has taken years for her to let us touch her. This past week she actually let me pick her up. Love this sweet girl. #feralcat #cat FYI she has been #spayed. #catstagram
My work buddy. #cats #workfromhome #medicalcoder
It’s time for action. Repost from @iam2018. Join us in #memphis April 2-4 to remember the lives of the sanitation workers who were crushed to death on the job. This lead to the 1968 sanitation strike of AFSCME Local 1733. As these 1,300 brave souls marched they used the four powerful words “I Am A Man”. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joined the rally and it was during his visit that he was gunned down at The Lorraine Motel.  Per I Am 2018 website “I AM 2018 isn’t just a reflection on the past; it’s a call to action for the future. An urgent call to fight poverty and prejudice, advance the freedom of all working people, and remind America that there can be no racial justice without economic justice and no economic justice without racial justice.” Visit to register.
When I leave my phone unattended I get beautiful #selfies of @southr02. Love this girl 😘💜#strikeapose
#Senior Week. 24 carats... sorry I kinda made you look like a Twilight Vampire when you are in the sunlight. Lol @josh.southh #24caratgold #gold #senior2018