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I help busy Medical Coders and HIM professionals rock at their careers and life with yoga and mindfulness techniques. πŸ™Œ

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Affirmations are a simple way to set the vibe for the day. Get weekly videos, and affirmations at my private Facebook Group High Vibe Living with Human Design. To join use the link in my bio.
From "When Things Fall Apart" by Pema ChΓΆdrΓΆn.
The month of August we are diving into the basics of Human Design. Use the link in my bio to catch the whole series on my group page.
If you're waiting to start something here is your invitation. It's time to move forward and take action. The only way you can get the momentum going is to get moving. But... for my Human Design peeps follow your strategy before you leap. If you feel that Divine click you will know this message is for you. Card deck by @colettebaron_reid "The Wisdom of Avalon" Oracle Card.
Waiting is hard in our "I want it now" culture. In Human Design making decisions using our own unique strategy helps us stay in the divine flow. Embrace the process because that is when the magic happens. If you don't know your strategy just request a free chart using the link in my bio.
Love these two. πŸ™Œ
Real life truth here....Everyday our peace is interrupted. And it's okay.  We can still keep the peace on the inside by choosing our reactions and thoughts when we are interrupted.  This is why being with your own aura is an important daily practice. You can feel what is truly yours (emotions, thoughts, ideas, reactions etc.), and what you picked up along the course of your day. 
Understanding your own personal energetic blueprint can help you dive deeper into "what you put out there and what you pick up" energetically. 
Today remember this mantra when your peace is interrupted. Allow yourself to settle in and create your own inner peace. It's not easy, yet it's no one else's job to manage your inner world. This is inner self care, and worth the effort. Just remember "practice not perfection." To get a copy of your Human Design Chart use the link in my bio.
Sometimes life feels stuck in reverse. That's when you just keep breathing and know your life is still moving and you are still growing. No need to rush.
Dropping a little yoga philosophy and why your skincare routine can be a part of it...To watch the full video use the link in my bio and visit my Facebook page.
My new mantra....πŸ™ŒπŸ•‰πŸ™Œ
Sometimes we just have to keep moving forward even if it feels like falling. We are still building muscles when we wobble and fall. So nothing we do is ever wasted.
What will you bring forth today? Goodness or shadow? You have a choice.