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Family photography in sunny SoCal.

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Looks like someone might get to be a big brother very soon!  Your paparazzi is ready for you @ohmygoddardphotography.  We're anxious for some baby news! 🤗
So many favorites 😍😍😍😍
This adorable bride at her "first look" 💜
Wedding day! 😙💜
Wrapping up this awesome family session tonight! 😍😍
baptism photos last night with sweet Ava. 😄  Congratulations! Totally worth getting lemons thrown at me 😉 #itsgreattobe8 #elfinforest
Love you guys 😄
And Happy birthday to Kirk!  We kept telling him we were going to the beach for his birthday. Such a great sport and so nice of him not to wander off this year.  Baby Drew slept through the whole thing.  He's used to a little chaos 😁
Family photo day😁
Love his little tongue! 😙
Hey guys it's Ashley taking over as the "Social Media Manager" of Christy Odom Photography!! So go check out the NEWLY UPDATED blog for fun new posts of these beautiful families! Have a wonderful day, friends!!
Happy big number 4 to my Lukey :) We love you buddy!