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πŸ‘œImagine being able to make handbags and purses that are unique to YOU and exactly the style, shape size and colour YOU want them to be!

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The GORGEOUS Penny Inns I see cropping up all the time just blow me away! This one by @tinaburge55 is a perfect example!❀😍❀😍
It looks super gorgeous, don't you think?βœ…
LOVE the red flap contrast!βœ…
A Video Tutorial is now available too, so ANYONE can make this! WOOP!βœ…
#chriswdesigns #thepennyinn #pennyinncwd #walletcwd
WOOP! Waiting on a new servo motor for this baby! πŸ˜ƒ
#chriswdesigns #industrialsewing #bagineer
I absolutely LOVE this Ellen's Esplanade by @wendys_rocketbags❀😍❀😍
it looks amazing, don't you think?βœ…
LOVE the cork side pockets!βœ…
#chriswdesigns #ellensesplanade #easystreetcwd
How FANTASTIC is this Stow It All Tote by Rosie from over ion our facebook Group. ❀😍❀😍
it looks so classy, don't you think?βœ…
#chriswdesigns #stowitallcwd
Now to say I am BLOWN away by this AMAZING Factotum by @milliesdaughterboutique is an understatement!😍❀😍❀
How GORGEOUS is this! WOW!βœ…
Nothing more to say! LOL! just WOW!βœ…
#chriswdesigns #factotumcwd
Just take a SQUIZZ at this FANTASTIC small Bodacious Bowler by @sew.joyful.creations 😍❀😍❀
Joy used a gorgeous white leather teamed with a printed fabric for the front pocket and lining and black leather strap and trim.βœ…
The Bodacious Bowler pattern comes with 3 sizes included, is NOT a drop in lining PLUS has a video tutorial option too!
#chriswdesigns #bodaciousbowlercwd
How GORGEOUS is this Ellen's Esplanade by Sonja from over in our Facebook group. 😍❀😍❀
Sonja won third prize in our 2018 Christmas challenge! WOOT!βœ…
#chriswdesigns #ellensesplanadecwd #easystreetcwd
WOW @miacreates has done it again with this GORGEOUS set of Bodacious Bowler Bags!😍❀😍❀
The pattern comes with 3 sizes included. βœ…
#chriswdesigns #bodaciousbowlercwd
Just look at how AMAZING this Snazzy Slouch looks by Tina from over in our Facebook group!❀️😍❀️😍
First released in 2011, this design is timeless and looks equally gorgeous in leather or fabric! πŸ‘
Be sure to swipe left and see the fantastic zipper divider which is a popular feature of the bag!😊
#chriswdesigns #snazzyslouchcwd #bagineer
I admit it. Epiphany is one of my favourite bags ever. This one by Diane from over in our facebook group is a perfect example of the perfect Epiphany!😍❀😍❀
Simply STUNNING! Don't you agree?βœ…
#chriswdesigns #epiphanycwd
WOW! What can I say about these two Penny Inn wallets crafted by @melisajanehandmade for Kristina and her mum! 😍❀😍❀
Don't they look AMAZING?βœ…
YOU can make your own Penny Inn! Now available as a Video Course, it makes it possible for anyone to make one too!βœ…
#chriswdesigns #thepennyinncwd #pennyinncwd #walletcwd
WOW! How AMAZING and gorgeous is this Snazzy Slouch by Diane from over in our Facebook group! 😍❀️😍❀️
Slide across to see the awesome Zipper Divider Pocket which is a feature of the Snazzy Slouch! ❀️
First released in 2011, revamped in 2015, The Snazzy Slouch is timeless! πŸ‘
#chriswdesigns #snazzyslouchcwd #bagineer