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Cuando tu me miras se me sube el corazón ❣ 
Who has seen my last blog post ? I give you two ideas to wear a colorful bandana in summer ! ☀️Mine is a silk scarf that comes from @sacscoui and I love it ! LINK IN THE BIO |
Have a good day everyone😘#ootd #bandana #fashiontip #fashionblogger #blogocrew #hblegang #friendlyblogo @unumdesign #unumfam
Aller à un festival de musique catalan, kiffer le son et dire « j’ai compris toutes les paroles ! » à chaque chanson pour rire, caresser des tortues, dormir des heures, faire du paddle surf, admirer l’horizon sur des rochers, manger du poisson grillé puis la finale sur écran géant au frais. Comme une impression de vacances en deux petits jours à tes côtés, parce que c’est toujours plus fun d’être avec toi 💙
Ps : et vive les bleus ! 🇫🇷 On est les champions !
Going to a music festival, enjoying the artists and say « I understood all the lyrics ! » everytime to make you laugh, admiring the turtles, sleep hours, doing paddle surf, eating grilled fish and watching the World Cup Final on a giant screen home. Those two little days by your side felt like holidays, because it’s always so fun to be with you 💙
Ps : and congrats « Les bleus ! » we are the champioooons 🇫🇷
#sitges #weekend #summer2018 #sundaymood #paddlesurf #sitgeslife #seaside
HOW TO WEAR A SILK SCARF IN SUMMER ? ☀️ I show you two ways today on the blog to pimp your summer outfits with a nice touch of color 🧡 Love the orange silk scarf from @sacscoui that matches so well with a blue outfit ! More pictures of the look in the link in the bio ! ☝🏼
#fashiontip #summeroutfit #howtowearasilkscarf #silkscarf #carrédesoie #bandana #madeinfrance #bluemood #llafranc #costabrava #blogocrew #frenchblogger #friendlyblogo
CONCOURS : (🇬🇧version below)
Vous l’aviez aimé dans mes stories, aujourd’hui avec @leruditeconceptstore je vous fais gagner le joli bracelet renfermant du sable de Barcelone ! 🌞 Le bracelet mis en jeu a une pastille de sable un peu plus grande mais est tout aussi beau ! 😘 Elsa de l’Erudite met en valeur créateurs français et espagnols dans sa boutique du Born, afin de proposer des objets déco, mode et bijoux toujours plus uniques! 😘
Pour participer, il faut :
- suivre @chroniquesdunefrenchie et @leruditeconceptstore
- taguer 2 amies à participer ! 💁🏻‍♀️
Fin du concours dans 1 semaine ! 😀 Ouvert à la France et à l’Espagne.
🇬🇧 CONTEST : you liked it in my stories, today you can win the bracelet with sand of Barcelona inside a cute dot from @leruditeconceptstore ! 💙 The bracelet you will win has a bigger dot but is as cute, I promise ! Elsa from l’Erudite carefully curates the French and Spanish designers she highlights in her boutique of the Born, in order to propose unique jewels, fashion accessories and decoration items ! 😘
To participate : - like @chroniquesdunefrenchie and @leruditeconceptstore - tag 2 friends in comment 
End of the contest in 1 week ! 💁🏻‍♀️ Open to France and Spain ! ☀️
#concours #madeinspain #bracelet #barcelonacity #cadeaubarcelone #barcelona #borncomerç #conceptstore #designers #handmade #barcelonalovers
MERCI pour toutes vos vues sur mon bilan des 1 an à Barcelone et vos retours en MP 😍 THANK YOU for all your views on my overview of my first year in Barcelona and your many messages in private 😍 I am so glad to share my daily life in Spain with you and to encourage you to visit this amazing country and my beloved Barcelona. Live your dreams now, tomorrow is too late ! 💪🏽Have a good week everyone 🌞
#expattale #livinginspain #barcelonacity #barcelonablogger #calella #costabrava #visitspain #vscocamdaily #holidaysvibes #summer2018 #blogocrew #frenchblogger #friendlyblogo
My face when I realize it’s been ONE YEAR I am living in Barcelona today ! 😍🌞It was the occasion for me to write about the first year I spent in Barcelona and all the experiences I lived : new friends, new job, travels, new places I have been to... Spoiler alert : I never regretted to go ! 💁🏻‍♀️♥️ Link in the bio (you might take a drink to read it, it’s a very long article that I wrote with my heart !) .
#oneyearinbarcelona #expatlife #livinginbarcelona #barcelonacity #friendlyblogo #frenchblogger #parkguell #behappy #oneyearago #blogocrew #dailylife #traveldiary #expatdiary
SO HUNGRY RIGHT NOW 😋 I would do anything to brunch again at @barlimonbarcelona with their delicious Fluffly Pancakes and meet with my Insta friends @foliecurieuse @letiziabcn @marionchaize 😍 See u on the 22nd, right ?! 💕 .
Instagram may be the place where lives are mostly staged and fake, it didn’t prevent me to tie REAL friendships with awesome girls ♥️ #sharethelove #instagirls #instafriends #brunchinbarcelona #pancakes #flufflypancakes
Girls just wanna have sun ☀️ And fun ! Tonight I am going to @parovstelarofficial concert with @srodero and I can’t wait ! 🎧 I have been listening to his songs since 2014, right when I moved in Bcn for the first time ! Who knows him here ? .
#sunnyday #latergram #beachday #selfie #vscocamdaily #girlswannahavefun #frenchblogger #blogocrew
Hola Julio ☀️🌺 J’adore aller à la Costa Brava pour son odeur de fleurs sucrée et chaleureuse. Cela me rappelle mes étés d’enfance à Rosas, où mes plus grandes préoccupations étaient d’aller le plus loin possible à la nage, de manger le plus de gaspacho et de glace Dino, et de ne pas brûler mes pieds en sortant de la piscine sur le sol d’ardoise. Et vous, quels sont vos souvenirs d’été préféré ? 💕 Sur cette note nostalgique, je vous souhaite une belle journée ! .
I love to go to the Costa Brava cause it has a sweet and warm smell of flowers everywhere. It reminds me of my childhood in Roses, all the summers I spent there. At this time, my biggest worries were to swim far enough with my friends, to eat as much gaspacho and Dino ice cream as I could and to try not burning my feet going out of the pool on the slate ground. And you, what are your favorite summer childhood memories ? 💕 I wish you all a wonderful day ! 
#costabrava #throwback #nostalgie #vacances #souvenirs #flowerpower #vscocamdaily #rosas #llafranc
Wanna do nice fashion photos in #Barcelona ? 📸 I share with you my 5 favorite locations in the last blog post ! Gardens, graffitis walls, seaside... check out the link in the bio ! 🤗
#fashionphoto #blogocrew #barcelonablogger #blogueusemode #friendlyblogo #photography #modelephoto #sundaymood #shootingbarcelona
No photos please ! 📸 When bae takes his photographer role too seriously and is getting closer and closer... until he reaches your nose 😂 Who has an #instagramhusband here ? 💁🏻‍♀️😋
#havefun #smile #frenchblogger #costabrava #weekendvibe #shadesofblue #ootdfashion #blogocrew #hblegang #llafranc
Already missing the splendid houses of #calelladepalafrugell ♥️if you want to know more about wonderful beach destinations to go to on #costabrava, check out my post in the bio ! 🌊.
#beautifulhouse #weekendidea #sunny #visitspain #blogocrew #summerholidays #vscocamdaily