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Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success.
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what are the factors to see the northern lights?

1. there has to be a solar activity
2. it has to be dark
3. no cloud coverage
4. no light pollution

at the end of the day, to witness the magical and dreamy aurora borealis show is really just a matter of luck.

for us, this experience was just an icing on the cake. we wanted to explore Iceland but at the same time, we already managed our expectations. if the main reason of your trip is to see the northern lights, then i suggest choose your travel month wisely... or go to #Tromso instead. jackpot dun!

#teamswerte #eskaposnowyear5
she danced. we stared. part 2

behind the scene: it was 8pm. we were back at our city apartment. while having drinks and learning the dance steps of "Pauwi Na Ko", Dane alerted us about the Aurora activity -  just 1km away where we were staying. so from our pajamas, we struggled to put on our full metal winter gear, ang effort at nakakatamad magbihis sa totoo lang. haha! but we cannot miss another aurora borealis show... so drunk driving it is! 😁

#auroraborealis #northernlights #eskaposnowyear5
the magic appears right outside our apartment #teamswerte

behind the scene story: it was 4am when Dane suddenly started to make noise to wake us up - as if may sunog ganon! sakit sa ulo men, but worth it. i like Dane, he's really up for an aurora sighting. it's already almost spring time that's why we never really expected.

salamat Dane sa paggising samin!
ég tala ekki íslensku.
i don't speak icelandic. 
#eskaposnowyear5 #winterwillneverend
winter never ends from this iconic filming location of Game of Thrones and Secret Life of Walter Mitty

#gameofthrones #secretlife #eskaposnowyear5
if Lucifer will ask me off guard about what i truly desire, i hope my answer would be about me having a simple and peaceful life, and not anything that would just feed my ego, and definitely not something to just feed on social media.

world peace would be a nice answer too, of course 😏
what do you truly desire?

#eskaposnowyear5 #whatdoyoudesire #lucifer
with Magnet, this ice climbing activity looks easy. #batak .
iceland crew in full metal gear

each morning, i will ask Dane what to wear. normally he's in charge of the temperature check. we came up with this code "full metal gear" meaning the day could be deadly freezing so we have to fully cover up - the warmest clothings we can wear.

after experiencing a -28°C in Harbin and -29°C in Sapporo, we learned our lesson and realized it's never JUST about the temp. It could be a calm 0°C but the winter breeze could be extremely unbearable - and game over na. times when I started questioning myself if I do really like another winter trip. 😅

ice climbing now, alaxan later!

our winter adventure gets too intense and challenging each year. in the past trips, we hiked a snowy active volcano with sulfur vents, did an ice plunge in the middle of a snow-filled ocean, and now this - a physically demanding glacier climbing!

crazy i know! and what could be our next?

today's hike is powered by a half dozen of croissant and 2 kyat-kyats 🍊🍊
where will your passion take you?

the glacier hike experience is the reward. the view from top is just a bonus.