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Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success.

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powered by CHATURANGA
one of the first challenging asanas to learn when i started doing yoga is the chaturanga. like most women, i do not possess good upper body strength. chaturanga is somehow like a push up or a low plank, which is performed repeatedly throughout a class.

i experienced attending an open level vinyasa class and the teacher asked me to perform a full chaturanga before the session started. seriously. he assessed how good i was by checking my chaturanga. obviously, he wasn't impressed and asked me to skip all chaturangas the entire class. he didn't even teach me how to modify it. a sad but true story.

until i got a wrist injury from a boxing class. since then i had to learn to use my fists instead during my yoga classes. it's so much harder and painful at first (and there were even times when my knuckles started to bleed pag umuulan ng chaturanga sa class). surprisingly, this led me to start doing chaturanga correctly. im finally able to enjoy every chaturanga, with ease and stability.

so how did i strengthen and tone my arm muscles?
one word: CHATURANGA
. 📷 by @donghoeskapo
legit-candid-shots game strong! galing as always! post mo din portrait shot mo. 😊
on my 7th day in el nido, a local suddenly asked me what i liked about traveling. caught off guard, i answered i love to meet people who don't know my name, my identity, and my personality. i wanted to hear their stories, be inspired, and just connect with other souls outside my circle. i would like some unbounded conversations with the people who do not have any idea of what i dislike, what annoys me, and what offends me. maybe because it gives me a chance to rediscover myself.

after a while i smiled and remembered how i answered the same question 8 years ago. it was all about adventure, exploration, and discovery.

until now, traveling gives me a new perspective. i will always be grateful.
📷 by @magnetnavales 
thank you for this amazing pic. ikaw talaga ang pinakamagaling sa uwa landscape shots. 😘
it all started with a simple spine care. after a series of physical therapy sessions for my alarming L4 L5 S1 issue, my rehab doctor recommended to do regular yoga.

the spine care turned to a self care. and the self care transformed to a soul care.

im really amazed with the side effects! 
#spinecare #selfcare #soulcare
today's mantra:
slow down
calm down
don't worry
don't hurry

my physical yoga practice is not perfect and it's perfectly fine. while i crave for time-unbounded classes, kirtan, meditation, chants, philosophy, and traditional classes, i have to admit that i still enjoy attending the strong and physical ones.

my teacher explained that no path is above the other. if it's the selfless service (karma) path that connects your spirit to the divine, so be it. if it's the devotion, scriptures, or even the asanas that lead you to the divine, it's all fine. we just have to keep doing that.

my spirit honors the SOFTNESS, the DEPTH, and the STRENGTH of your practice.

namaste! 🕉
#thefarm #thefarmatsanbenito
today marks the 30th day when i uninstalled facebook and messenger. no drama whatsoever but i just noticed i've been wasting too much time on my phone. and this is NOT exactly how i want to spend my pause/downtime/unemployed stage.

it's just a month but i felt more connected with the people around me. been meeting a few friends for a nice catchup, and i love it. bonus is that i got to meet a new circle too, which im overly grateful for.

but maybe the best part is slowly reconnecting with myself; my true self before social media and facebook heavily influenced my values, my thoughts, and even my peace.

i still have instagram though, because you know, open houses and promos! ✌

#thefarm #thefarmatsanbenito
whenever someone from my bakal gym attempts to practice yoga with me, i always start by emphasizing first the importance of proper breathing, as mentioned by my teacher.

the quality of our breath may determine the length of our lives. on an average:
- dogs breathe 40x a minute and their lifespan is 10yrs
- a tortoise breathes 4x a minute and their lifespan is 115yrs
- humans breathe 12x a minute and the lifespan is 70yrs

my teacher gets too scientifc afterwards but what retains is the fact that the control of the breath is a control over life.

and when this life force (prana) leaves the body, then the body would expire.

so inhale deeply,
and exhale slowly. 🕉

#thefarm #thefarmatsanbenito
a day in a life of a glorified tambay. while i take my time, nourish my soul, admire the magnificence of nature, and slowly reverse my fast paced routine: i'm very humbled to realize that i'm so entitled to have the privilege to pause.

easy being said, but definitely this pause is not for all. not everyone has the time, the means, and the chance to just pause in a snap. and a lot of people, including myself, sometimes take this "pause" for granted.

extremely grateful for this moment to pause and hopefully somehow i can share / have shared the good vibes that this pause has brought me.

may you be happy and free! 🕉
#randomthoughts #pause #gratitudejournal #thefarm #thefarmatsanbenito
earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed 🙏

DINNER series
- kare-kare
- veggie burger
- another type of curry
- coconut calamares

#poweredbyplants #vegan #veganfood
earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. 🙏

LUNCH series
- eggplant lasagna with pesto (nakakaiyak sa sarap)
- pesto pasta
- cauliflower ball spaghetti
- cauliflower curry

#poweredbyplants #vegan #veganfood
earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. 🙏

sharing my super BREAKFAST which i really enjoyed and looked forward to
- breakfast parfait
- naked chorizo (tempeh)
- breakfast burrito
- breakfast bowl with coconut yogurt

#vegan #veganfood
because tofu never screams

honestly i love the feeling that i didn't contribute to any animal suffering for 7 days. health-wise, i experienced the benefits of eating entirely plantbased food, my body felt great!

however, i didn't become a vegan after this trip. i still go for milk and cheese and egg. saka napakasarap kaya ng four cheese pizza with honey! ❤

but i highly respect and salute the people who have the sense of equality and admiration for all living things. a simple thing with a great humane impact.