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Then if You’re not done working,
God, I’m not done waiting 💛🧡
You are enough.
Not because you’ve tried hard.
Not because you’ve loved hard.
Not because you put on your best face.
Not because others tell you that..
You are enough.
You are enough
Because you are a child of God
Who has pursued you from the very beginning.
You are enough
Because His grace has saved you and covers you.
What you give to others will always be an overflow of what He has given you.
He doesn’t need you to pull it all together to show people that you are enough. He just needs you to walk faithfully in a way that others will see that He is enough. —
You don’t have to try so hard anymore..
You can rest.
He is enough.
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🧠💥 Mastering the art of learning 🤯
🐳🐷 Hey, you and you! Thank you for this amazing week of travelling to pause and appreciate the greatness of the Lord in our lives. 🙌🏻 Nobody has an idea how much this trip means to me. Every second was worthwhile; full of learning, reflection, and growth more than anything that was caught on-cam. ‘Till our next destination together! Lovelove ❤️❤️
😂😂 Kala mo kung ano, Magnolia pala 🤦🏻‍♂️
New York, New York.
Searching for the famous salted egg chips and ice cream sandwich 🐥🍦
👋🏻👀 Bello! Ba-na-na! 🍌