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Start of the BIG -bers! Let's goww! 🤘🏻
That time of the month 🥂
Happy Grandparents Day, Lolo and Lola! | No words can describe the love and inspiration you bring. Thank you for everything. I love you more than anything. 💖
Annyeonghaseo! ✌🏻✌🏻 Happy Birthday, Bibe Eanda! 🐣 May God always fills you with wisdom and strength in everything you do, for you are bound to achieve His awesome plan for you! Nandito lang si kuya ha, to push you through because you're one of our lives' greatest finds. To more kdramas to stream and vlogs to publish! Saengil chukha-hae-yo! Saranghae! 🤞🏼🤞🏼
When your boss is a trooper ⚡️
#walakayosabossko 😜
For the second time around! 🤞🏼 @asiapopcomiccon #APCC2017 #NetflixAPCC
🚀🚀 Asia Pop Comic Con today! 👾 @asiapopcomicon #APCC2017 #NetflixAPCC 🙌🏼
😰A bit of sunshine please ⛅️🤞🏼
What holidays are made of.
#passionproject 📝
Please keep clear ☁️
Pantone of the week 🍃🍂
This photo tells so much of how we are in person 🤣✌🏻 And I just love how far and genuine this friendship has come.. Thank you for always pulling me through during my lowest and for pushing me further beyond my highest. I can't put to words how much of a blessing your life is to me. Thank you for being the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

To having more aspirations, anecdotes and adventures to share in the future. Happy Birthday, Onang. You are already blessed beyond description. Keep the faith. Love you ❤️