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“Daddy’s back! What’s the plan?” 😁💞
When you are surrounded with people who shed light when everything’s turning gray. 🌗
Random appreciation post for those who have been super supportive the past few weeks; you guys know who you are ♥️
🤩 Celebrating blessings upon blessings over burgers upon burgers. 🍔🍳 (bilis bumawi, Lord!)
“A man’s station is only limited by his imagination,” PT Barnum | The Greatest Showman 🎩
🎊🎊 Congratulations, @ronadeaux for launching your first business venture today! Yass naman! —
We’re so proud and happy for all the breakthroughs that come your way as we  know how much prayers and efforts you put in every blessing you want to achieve. —
@palomajanella and I are celebrating with you in spirit! ✨✨
🇮🇹 Italian all-weekend. 🤫🤭
A year and a half later.. 🌙🌙
Sooo fun to see you, Ba! ♥️
Today, my lolo and lola were recognized as Model Senior Citizen Awardees and one of the oldest, both living, and significant couples in the community.
My heart is filled with joy and love seeing you both achieve things together on the 70th year of your marriage. This makes me believe that forevers do exist!
I’m one proud, Apo! ♥️
Happy to discover this today! ☕️✌🏼
Impromptu Movie Night 🌚
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!
We love you! ♥️
As leaves will soon grow
from the bareness of trees,
And all will be alright in time.
Thank you for the smile you put on my face and for the love you planted in my heart, Ma. —
I love you always and forever. 
Happy Birthday! ♥️