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Iconic newly-remodeled Las Vegas hotel featuring The Adventuredome, 8 dining outlets, lively casino action, Midway & free world class circus acts. 🎪

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A balanced diet is a Blue Iguana taco in each hand.
Pop it like it’s hot at the Midway.
Treat yourself to the Westside Deli’s mouth-watering classic cheeseburger during your next stay.
Look toward a bright future. Credit:  @kohei_nkzw
Spin em. Bump em. Dodge em. Put the pedal to the metal in our Canyon Bumper Cars.
Tag a friend that would help you dip into these nachos from Blue Iguana.
It’s not the ride, it’s who you’re riding with. Tag your roller coaster buddy.
Just keep spinning. Free world class circus acts daily starting 11:30 AM at the Midway.
Turkey is overrated. THE Steak House is legendary for memorable family gatherings.
Let the good times GLOW. Drift around The Adventuredome’s Neon Nights!
All the best days include a slice of pepperoni. Pick your favorite topping with extra cheese at The Pizzeria.
Post time! Choose your favorite at The Midway.