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Department Directors started the day with Taco Johns steak burritos at their morning meeting. Thank you Taco Johns! A Cheyenne based company founded in 1969!
On Saturday, Mayor Marian Orr was invited to speak and participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Laramie County Head Start building. The Head Start facility will be open for fall 2018 classes!
Just when you thought you had too many keys! These are the keys our Facility Maintenance employees have with them at work! 😳
After 33 years of service to the City of Cheyenne, Dr. Richard Berry will retire on September 4 from his position as Director of Youth Alternatives. Jay Sullivan will take over Director duties for the department after Dr. Berry’s retirement. For the full press release, visit or our Facebook and Twitter pages @CityofCheyenne
@chefrontierdays had their final pancake breakfast this morning. Thanks to all of our volunteers and workers for making it possible!
CFD Parades may change over time but the Cheyenne Depot remains a constant fixture in our downtown
Let the rodeo begin! @chefrontierdays
CFD Parade (7/21/18)
Shoutout to our very own, Officer Kevin Malatesta with Cheyenne PD! Kevin is in charge of the department’s social media pages providing up-to-date information along with top notch humor! Check out the original post from @9newsdenver below!
#Repost @9newsdenver
Some would say the team has an unhealthy obsession with the Cheyenne Police Department's Facebook page ... which might legitimately be the funniest thing on the internet. This is Officer Kevin Malatesta, the guy behind lines like "tag your favorite drug dealer to this post!" He says the Facebook page is a way for the department to humanize its officers, and show they make dad jokes just like everyone else. #9Neighborhoods #Cheyenne #Police #Officers #Wyoming #VisitWyoming #SocialMedia #SocialMediaManager
We've officially begun the 122nd Daddy of 'em All! Today featured the CFD Grand Opening, the Annual Pardners 'N Prosperity Luncheon, and so much more!
The annual Pardners ‘N Prosperity Luncheon at @chefrontierdays!
Mayor Marian Orr welcoming the public this morning for the 122nd Cheyenne Frontier Days! Photo courtesy of @littleamericacheyenne