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No Amalie’s were harmed in the making of this video
What a morning! Clear and crisp with lots of cycling pals
Frank is now crawling and chasing his sister. He managed to crawl up the tunnel at the park
Anderson was really enjoying the swing this morning
8 months old, lots of smiles and fun. They don’t stay where I left them anymore!
High above Napa after 20% for 13min, vest off, granny gear, dripping sweat on the ground taking in the view from this home lost to the atlas fire.
Their first opening day. Go giants! Hopefully we can get the whole team to the yard this year.
Mr @fatcakeclub himself chasing tasty treats in his new kit.
The only thing more epic then snow flurry’s and the adventures of today’s ride will be the stories that come from it years from now. #fatcakeclub #elielcycling
Happy Birthday Dean! Thanks for the cookie!
What a morning to ride bicycles. Sunrise over Sf with @fatcakeclub
Riding her cousins roller thing like a pro.