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My new steel baby. City+County Road 1 with Easton crank and sram force 1x.
And then there were three!  Welcome Anderson Grey (left) and Frank Anthony #twinschraders
The fork is just to make sure no one try's to steal any of her spaghetti 🍝
She wanted me to open the door. I said no and without the slightest hesitation she did this.
Enjoying strawberry puffs more than farmers market strawberries.
A friendly reminder to always brush your teeth
No way dada
Sunrise photo class with @sjohnliu is in session
Exploring with Dada on MLK day. #sfexploratorium #babyschrader
Look ma, no hands! Today is officially the day I can walk all by myself! #walking #babyschrader
Dinner time fun, all giggles. #babyschrader
Little #babyschrader isn't old enough to enjoy this yet but mom and dad are!