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Don't let nobody kick dust on your sparkle. 🌈🦋⭐️✨

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Why live is my favourite. 💞🌟✨ Caught by Jean. 🌸✨
On tour, somewhere. I can’t wait to see you all again! 💖🌟✨ #NashvilleCMT #NashvilleTour2018 
Caught by Lorraine 💛✨
Nerp. ❄️✨ #NashvilleCMT 
#regrann @nashvillecmt - Moving on isn't always easy. NEW #NashvilleCMT Thursday.
Cheers... 🐘💕✨
Australian/Austrian adventure. Thankyou @manfredbaumann & @nellybaumann 🌸🌟✨ • • • #regrann: @manfredbaumann - Clare Bowen - australien actress & singer by #manfredbaumann Edition of 3 #nashville #nashvillecmt #clarebowen make up by @nellybaumann #smashboxat #leicammonochrom #janegoodallambassador #exhibition
Pocket and his annoying friend. 🌊💕✨ #minnamurra
Fun fact: Approximately 40% of our job is sassing one another. 🤨✨ #NashvilleCMT
A couple days ago, on our first day shooting the back half of Season 6. Got hit by a rogue nostalgia wave watching @charles_esten do his thing at the Stunt Bluebird. Highly distracting. 💙✨ #NashvilleCMT
Scarlett’s looking forward. She’s on a train that don’t go backwards. What are you most excited for in your 2018? ✨🌟🌸 #NashvilleCMT
Throwback. A wedding gift. 📸: @justinhalpin. ❤️✨ #foreverbowenyoung
Beautiful man. Couch day today because ❄️✨... Back in the studio tomorrow. Stay warm and safe everyone. ❤️✨ #brandonrobertyoung
WOOHOO! 🎉🌟✨ See you all this Summer with @sugarland! 💜🌟✨#StillTheSame • • •  #Repost @sugarland
Looking back fondly at the road that has brought us here and ahead at where we’re going… ✨ Tickets are on sale NOW for our #StillTheSame 2018 tour. Get 'em while they’re hot!
• • •
🎵Musical inspiration by McFadden & Whitehead
🎥Watch the full video at