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Thankyou @littlebirdavery for being my best mate, and for my beautiful @aweinspired_ pendant. Scarlett is borrowing it today. She promises to give it back. ❤️✨ #NashvilleCMT
See you THIS WEEKEND ✨⭐️❤️ AKRON, OH & SOUTH BEND, IN ❤️⭐️✨ Ticket link in bio! Don’t miss out! 🌸⭐️✨ #Repost @charles_esten
Hey Akron and South Bend! On Saturday and Sunday night my friend @clarembee and I are coming to your towns! We’re bringing @sixwire, glitter, and bourbon. It’s not too late to join the party!! 🎸✨🥃 👍🏻 TIX AVAILABLE AT! #akroncivictheatre
This is how we do morning UK, Scottish & Irish radio + phone interviews for the #NashvilleFarewellTour in our house. 🦄⭐️✨ #NashvilleCMT
Caught at home by sweet & talented @electraking 💛⭐️✨ Hair & makeup by ferocious darling @jkinigopoulos 💜⭐️✨ It’s almost tour time... 🌸⭐️✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour #ClareKommtNachDeutschland #StillTheSame
Gently explaining to Faolan that the bridge can’t just be all farts muffled by the couch upon which he is casually perched. 🛋💨🎶✨
I fits! 🐺💕✨ 📸: @jetheridgemusic & @mackenziepmusic 🌸✨
Throwin’ it waaaaay back to the first show Chip & I played together at the @bridgestonearenaofficial...
It was the @stjude Marathon day, and coincidentally, the first time I ever sang with sweet @brandonrobertyoung... wish I could find a photo of that moment. ❤️✨ Can’t wait to make some more moments in the UK, Scotland & Ireland come April. See y’all soon. 💕✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour
Getting them all signed for our @nashvillecmt #FinalSeasonCelebration at the @opry. ❤️⭐️✨ #NashvilleCMT
I thought this was lovely. I have so many loved ones who fit the descriptions in this little picture by @bymariandrew. Sending love out to all of you, and to all of the mumma’s out there for Mother’s Day, UK. 🌸⭐️✨
Alright. Ain’t nobody ready for this “Farewell” nonsense. Who’s ready to PARTY? 🎉💕🎶✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour #NashvilleCMT
What a sight to walk in on! I love them boys. It’s rehearsal day. Y’all ready? ❤️⭐️✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour