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Don't let nobody kick dust on your sparkle. 🌈🦋⭐️✨

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Post show decorum. (And good people who know I do not possess it, but hang out with me anyway. 🍄✨) 📷✨ @ian.laidlaw ⭐️✨
One of my favourite moments as Scarlett, ever. 🦋🌸✨ #NashvilleCMT #Forever
There’s ONE left. Head to ♥️ @shydragonflyjewels ♥️ and read her “Auction Time” post. 🌊✨
My husband is a badass. ♥️✨ #clarekommtnachdeutschland 📷✨ @jensfrickephotography 🦋✨
🐈✨vs. 🐺✨ #tranquility
“When The Right One Comes Along” ❤️✨ 📷✨ @jensfrickephotography 👗✨ @oliazavozina 💕✨ #ClareKommtNachDeutschland
Colin the Maniac making the strings smoke & Danny the Champion of the world, doing his usual half visible thing. 💜✨ 📷✨@jensfrickephotography 🦋✨ #ClareKommtNachDeutschland
Singing the first song we ever wrote. “Oh, Hello.” 💛🌸✨ #ClareKommtNachDeutschland 📷✨@jensfrickephotography 🦋✨
✨🦋ONE WEEK🦋✨ and we hit the road to kick off @sugarland’s  #StillTheSame Tour! 🎉🌸✨ First stop - AUGUSTA, GA! 🇺🇸♥️✨ Ticket link in bio. Come party with us, and tell me your favourite @sugarland song! 🌈💛✨ #StillTheSame
🌈❤️✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour 📷✨@christiegoodwin 💕✨
Some days I can hardly believe that a girl from the Minnamurra River, Australia, ran smack bang into a boy from Enfield, Connecticut one evening on a stage in Nashville,  Tennessee, because @caitlinestone13 is a badass and @brandonrobertyoung’s real brave. Every day is a dang good day with you, Sweet Bee. ♥️✨
Translucent. 💖✨ #ClareKommtNachDeutschland 🌸🌸🌸 #Repost @barbarab44
Clare Bowen & Brandon Robert Young 💖