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It’s #LumieTuesday and she melted... 🍯✨
Derp. ✨♥️✨
Wicked perfect Sunday. 🌈🏆✨ #auntielife 📷✨ @brandonrobertyoung ♥️✨
Standing on the gorgeous @opry stage between mega talents @howlinformydarlin and @brandonrobertyoung. Still trying to figure out how I got so lucky. What a beautiful Saturday night. Thankyou for having us! ✨♥️✨ • • • • Posted @withrepost • @themurphproject So romantic seeing @clarembee and @brandonrobertyoung sing together 💕 amazing night at the @opry
A little snippet of last night at the @opry. Back again tonight. It’s always such a honour to stand on that stage, especially with my angel in black, @brandonrobertyoung ✨🖤✨ Posted @withrepost • @jillpinto What better way to spend our last evening in Tennessee,  but to see the Grand Ole Opry! First half of show we got the pleasure of see the show Nashville’s Clare Bowen.  #clarebowen #nashville #grandoleopry
✨💜✨ See you again TONIGHT at the @opry! ✨💜✨
Thankyou for tonight, beautiful @Opry. It was the perfect evening to sing “Grace of God & You” live for the first time. Thankyou @lorimckennama and @stephanielambring for such a gorgeous song. Can’t wait to come back and do it again tomorrow night! ✨♥️✨
It’s a classic kinda day. Super soft @freepeople tee + ancient thrifted @joesjeans (which were a $15 present to myself when I booked @nashvillecmt back in 2012... the sentimentality is real...) + stompy @drmartensofficial platforms and a necklace I made from coral bits I’ve had since I was a kid. ✨☀️✨ Do you ever make your own clothes or jewellery? 🐚🌊📿✨ #ootd #diy #thriftstorefinds #slowfashion #NashvilleCMT #freepeople #joesjeans #drmartens
It’s #FaolanFriday and neck scratchies are everything. 🐺✨ Caught by @brandonrobertyoung ♥️✨
I am never one to wish time away, but what are you looking forward to most about Autumn? (The filter made me do it...) 🌿🍃🍁✨ #Autumn #Fall
See you this Friday & Saturday at the @opry! ✨♥️✨ Ticket link in story! 🌈🥰✨
This was such a special night. Playing a sold out @citywinerynsh, I looked around the room and saw so many familiar faces out there who have made my life here just wonderful. It dawned on me while I was standing there that I was playing my home town show. That’s what Nashville the city has become to me, even though my heart is all over the world... and it was a wild thing to be hit with, then and there, on that stage, in that moment. I’m so grateful for this place, for where I came from, and for all of you. I’m enjoying making our house in Nashville lovely right now - something I never have time to do. Been working away on some other things too. I’ll let them loose on you when the time’s right. ✨♥️✨ Posted @withrepost • @inkx4dazex Sitting here wishing I was back in Nashville with this angel soul ✨🌈
#clarebowen #nashville #citywinery #nashvilleabc #blackandwhite #takemeback