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The amazing experience that is the #StillTheSameTour is my #LittleByLittle this week. What an incredible group of people. Every night, @sugarland creates a space where everyone belongs, no matter who you are or where you’ve come from. @jennifernettles, @kristianbush and their band of merry joy makers are some of the best people I’ve ever met, and I’ll never forget this whole ridiculous thing we got to do with them. I also love me a @jdaydrum photobomb. What’s your #LittleByLittle this week? Lay it on me. 🌈❤️✨ 📷✨ @brandonrobertyoung ✨
And then a giant inflatable unicorn, looking very pleased with itself, followed us onstage with the help of @sugarland’s incredible band. We love you guys so much, and miss you already. Thankyou for being such legends. 💛⭐️✨ #StillTheSameTour #TourPranks 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨ 📷✨ Lauren ✨
Meeeeeeemoriiiiees. 🐨🌸✨ #cb2017oz
Backstage waiting on soundcheck. #StillTheSameTour 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨
Lovely last day with @sugarland vibes. I feel like we’re doing it right. 🦄💦✨ 📷✨ @amiemiriello ✨ #StillTheSameTour 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨
Queen @amiemiriello. @sugarland’s incredible harmony vocalist, and badass artist in her own right. I can’t believe tonight’s the last show of our run together... so we’re gonna make the most of it and fall off a unicorn. 🦄💦✨ #StillTheSameTour 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨
Flashback to Australia. Having a shuffle with @brandonrobertyoung at the @enmore_theatre. 🐨💕✨ #cb2017oz 👗✨ @oliazavozina ✨
Amusing myself on the bus... 🚌💕✨ #StillTheSameTour 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨
My favourite person to sing with in the whole world. @brandonrobertyoung ♥️✨ See you tonight, Youngstown! 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨ #StillTheSameTour
Sitting on a rail watching two of my favourite people make magic happen. Dang I’m going to miss the #StillTheSameTour. Thankyou to all of our beautiful audiences. Can’t wait to see you tonight, Youngstown, OH! 🌈♥️🎪⭐️✨ Caught by Kenny. 💕✨
It’s #FaolanFriday and there was totally a dinosaur in @baileygrace_flowerprincess’s backyard. 🦖✨
Ireland. Family. Eejits. 🍀💕✨ #NashvilleFarewellTour #NashvilleCMT