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Obsessed with this white top 😍

Do you also have this particular white top that you're really into? Comment down👇

PS: I hope theirs are white as well.
CRAVINGS 101: Anything but red velvet cupcakes pls 😍

Gracias @lesteropens for the cupcakes 😊❤
✏ Three things of utmost importance for a slaying photo:
-Good Camera
-White shirt
-Slayin friend

In 📷 : gorg @gorgdawnk
She is the white queen of chaos- the lost queen of Westeros. 👑

She keeps poems and dwells on the sadness of being desolate from her Jon Snow.

You can access those poems through the site: ❤
THE BOMBEST intellectual beings ever existed
We got to many places together- (with me sometimes providing monetary support). HAHA We held hands together, strong enough to pass a wreckage. And now we're here- on these grounds, knowing that we fiercely fought the battle we had to fight. -
I love you guys. More ducks to come. Haha
Hey, it's Saturday! After days of hardwork, you were finally rewarded with time for yourself. Why don't you try pampering yourself?

Get yourself small treats like chocolate bars, et cetera. A good cup of coffee, perhaps. Mine is Choco Cookie by @pepero_ph .

These small things make us feel more satisfied, right? 😊 Enjoy the weekend, your own way, loves! 💗

Haha My mane is getting longer and longer. Should I cut my it for a new start? Let me know ⬇😊
Smile and breathe. Sharing some good thoughts for today 💕
Though we may have lost something great lately, (or for wtvr reason that makes us hate our own bubble of existence), let us live by the notion that there are still greater things to be thankful for.
Other thoughts abt that? 🙋
💃💃 I think every good girl just needs a badass bestfriend to make her realize that she's a good girl, indeed. HAHA

To all girls out there, I hope you take time to tell your bff that you're so blessed to have her banging your life for years. The simple, "I love you more than a slice of pizza," will do. You can mention her in the comments below 💕⏬ PS: Sorry for the bad photo quality. We didn't notice that the 📷 was set to beauty mode. We were just so busy laughing while posing. 😄 #bffgoals
Always and forever, Tatay 😔❤
Rockin' street style 👓

Give me your thoughts abt this denim look. 🔽
Still can't get enough of these red velvet cupcakes 💞 All time fave

What's your fave cupcake? Let me know in the comments. 🔽

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