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So they said, darling you will learn to love again.
Reality have never been better, thanks to you 😊
Perfect hues of blue in one of the most amazing place to say those lifetime vows ❤️
Here’s to new beginnings 😍
All smiles when it’s holidays!
Managed to catch the giant inflatable KAWS before he floated away 😅
Wonder where my eyes went on Chor 3 😂 #ootd
Ootd for Chor 2 😍 Happy CNY!#Chor2
Happy Chinese New Year from us! It’s always good to be home with loved ones at this time of the year😍#Chor1 #CNY
One week plus and still laughing into 2019 😂
Sailing into 2019 with the first picture of the year 😉
Happy New Year and thank you 2018 ❤️ You have not been short of a dozen of whirlwinds, uncertainties and ups and downs. You taught me the meaning of perseverance and not to ever, ever give up because now I know that it’s worth it in the end. I’m anticipating what 2019 is gonna bring and I know that what is yet to come, is gonna end up amazing!