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Dayton made me, NFL adopted me... #SB50CHAMP
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Gameday!!!!! Leggo #broncoscountry
My Bday is starting off great!!! @fat_daddy14 got to go to work with Daddy now we gotta hit up the mall lol (everyday is his birthday too)
First day of snow this year in denver means First snowman for me and @fat_daddy14 scroll through👉🏽👉🏽
Check out my website, new and amazing gear for everyone ... link in bio ( #broncoscountry
“Dada the camera caught us eating up all of the free food, hurry up and act innocent say cheese” 😂😂😂 @fat_daddy14 #tasteofthebroncos
It’s a very special day!!!! It’s my dawg @carson_cline14 BDAY!!!! Enjoy it big dawg we gonna def have to turn up with some lemonade or apple juice lol.. make sure everybody does a “Carson pose” today, love you big dawg you’ve been supportive of me since day one, I’m blessed to have met u and build a Long lasting relationship with you and ur family... ps(I need my rematch in madden) 😭😭 love ya big dawg
My brothers!!! War Ready #broncoscountry
Great team win!!!!! 2-0 #broncoscountry
Gameday!!!!! #broncoscountry
Happy bday to this sexy babe... “love u to the moon and back” lol make sure u (kick, pop pop pop @kate.english1727 ) a couple times for ur big day @jaimeenicole_
@fat_daddy14 started school today, sorry dada missed it love ya stinka man see ya soon
We lit!!!! #Repost @emmanuelsanders (@get_repost)
Practice be like..."Yea, going ape like Nigo. Bling-blaow ohh, chains on skateboard P." @clats14