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FULL BORA BORA VLOG IS HERE!💦 LINKED IN MY BIO! Get ready for 20 minutes of the best week of my lifeeee #trippinwithtarte
DOUBLE TAP if you want the full vlog💦
when you’re cruisin n boozin in the middle of the pacific with a hand woven palm leaf purse made just for you WHAT IS MY LIFE🥂⚓️ thank you @tartecosmetics for the most unreal week of my life #trippinwithtarte
my traveling monkey🐒 #trippinwithtarte
gonna miss jumping in this water at any given time of day💦 #trippinwithtarte
Been using @tartecosmetics all week🦋 get 15% off everything with the code ‘CLAUDIAtarte’ if you wanna join me👅 #trippinwithtarte
this boy intentionally threw himself off the jet ski while I was driving full speed🙃🌊 #trippinwithtarte
Night Time Routine linked in my bio🌙✨ Find out how I wind down and treat myself with @gillettevenus #ad #VenusSilkExpert
🍑🌈🦋🌊🐚 #trippinwithtarte
so we’ve been very needy very clingy but it’s our honeymoon OKAY🌺🐚
waking up to a dream☕️ #trippinwithtarte
swam with sharks & ate off palm leaves today🦈 #trippinwithtarte