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Nasib baik la hasrat untuk menjadi racer dilupakan begitu saja dulu. Macam siput rupanya aku bawak 😌
Monsoon has started and east coast islands are closed until early March, most probably. 
Buat masa ni, mampu trobek jelaa.
The sky doesn’t have an actual color. The reason it looks blue because blue has the shortest wavelength in the spectrum, which the surface of earth has reflected and scattered the light. 
Itu yang dikatakan langit menjadi cantik biru disebabkan ‘panculan’ dari muka bumi.
Welcome to the world, Sarah Hazel Law. 
The world can be cruel but there are million reasons for you to smile. 
I miss you already. See you soon 😘
I can paint your picture like I’m gifted 😎
Menara Tamingsari - The 80m height tower gives you a spectacular view of Melaka city. From the Melaka straits to the St. Paul hill, you can see the historical buildings, the river, the shop-lots, the traffic roads and many more. 
It goes up slowly and revolve 360 degrees for 7 minutes. 
You should try and take a ride at least once in a lifetime. 
But always remember, the world does not revolve around you 😁✌🏻
Team Outing for this month. We played Laser Battle at Berjaya Times Square. Piu piu piu! 🔫🔫🔫
Best jugak la main tembak-tembak macam budak-budak. 1 game dalam 10 minit tapi berpeluh bukan main-main. Seronok ya amat dan yang penting, tak sakit langsung bukan macam main paintball. 
Piu piu piu!
Welcome to my life but your opinion is not necessarily matter 😊✌🏻

Masa kecik-kecik dulu, arwah atuk dan nenek selalu bawak makan cendol dekat tepi sungai Melaka ni. Cendol kat situ memang sedap (tho I don’t like cendol anymore when I grow up) tapi sungai tu bau nya tak tahan kekadang mencucuk hidung. 
But now, I’m proud to see the great improvements to make the river clean, develop the cement banks and at the same time still preserve the historical buildings. 
The river cruise is a wonderful way to view the sights of Melaka, from a back door I would say, you can see many colourful murals and old town buildings.

Welcome to Melaka!
Hatiku tertinggal di pulau Kapas. Harus ke pulau lain untuk mengutipnya.
Tanjung Piai National Park - 
Escape the hustle-bustle of city life to the calm and lilting sounds of the soothing ocean at Tanjung Piai National Park. Wake up to the splendour of nature’s wonder at the southernmost tip of Asia, just 90km south of Johor Bahru’s modern city centre.
A natural paradise, the park is a protected heaven for  mangroves, well-known for their resilience, and is the mainstay for the sustainability of the various coastal wildlife, and the conservation  of the ecosystem itself.
The mangrove being nature’s guardians, as it were, to protect the coast and its inhabitants from the fierce onslaught of the wild sea.

Source: tourism.johor.my
The only swing that I hate is - mood swing.