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♌ Saya adalah salah seorang anggota Powerpuff Gal.


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Where the Malaysia's contingent always make us proud.
It's a dam. 
Don't give a damn and don't condemn. 
Just enjoy the frames on my Instagram ✌
Be calm and rilex like a lake 😎
Have a spooktacular #Halloween 👻
"Let every breath. All that I am never cease to worship YOU"
Best ke Blade Runner?

I watched The Foreigner instead. It was awesome! Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan were amazing!! Rate: 9/10
Please #blokke the negative mindset and bad energy. Celebrate and cherish your existence everyday.
"I'm too busy to work on my own grass to notice if yours is greener" - Anonymous
The opening of the 9th ASEAN Para Games | Sunday 17th Sept.

Let the water fall, not you 😊

#waterfall #pishang
"Aku laksana seekor serangga hinggap di bunga taman tasik perdana" - Butterfingers
"Peace begins with a smile" - Mother Theresa