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@buttonsblonde couldn’t make it to Veruca Salt, says to me to “buy all the vinyl!” So I did! :D #verucasalt #vinyl #grunge #90s
Two hour 500 capacity show! My first alt girl crush! Veruca Salt rock! And I bumped into Richard Patrick of Filter on the way out! 😍 #verucasalt #louisepost #grunge
This is going to take awhile.. #lego #legostarwars #starwars #millenniumfalcon
Playing with balls! #bowling #xlanes
I’ve always been a huge fan of Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion animation and just realized that I’ve now got the perfect prop to try doing it myself! :D #terminator #sideshowtoys #stopmotion
Justine and I projected behind Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins (of Bauhaus!!!) DJing at Sex Cells :D
Tacos and tequila! Tomorrow is gonna hurt!
Han shot first! Dry fit test of 3D printed parts for a DL-Blaster.
Full immersive Star Wars VR experience! Highly recommended, VR done as it should be! Look at that grin on my face! 🤓
Not that Australian lemon-flavoured soft drink..
Star Wars VR experience!
This way or no way..