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Excellent compliment to any table.  Clique brings the good times.
Impromptu shoot at Social House 7 this week.  Clique cocktails & sushi for the win.
Find us at your favorite spot this weekend.  Black bottles.  Gold medals.  Smooth vodka.
Too smooth on ice ❄️❄️❄️
Black bottles in 2019.  Stop drinking tired old vodka brands just because some celebrity told you to.
If you are attending MASQUE X in Pittsburgh this Saturday and are interested in bottle service or a VIP section DM us to reserve. 
One of Cake Nightclub’s lovely VIP hostesses would be happy to oblige.

Tickets available here as well.
Clique will be the featured vodka at Pittsburgh’s MASQUE X event this coming Saturday at Cake Nightclub.  Try our new signature recipes made exclusively for our guests.  Tickets available through the link in our story.
Oct. 4th only comes once a year!  Cheers to all of our vodka fans out there!
We encourage all artists to create more!  Clique is always accepting and sharing fan art, photography & creative brand content.  Keep them coming.
Iconic.  Own the Night. 🌑
Congratulations to the newly weds who requested that @CliqueVodka be the exclusive vodka served at the bar for their big day!  We are honored.
Just two of the many medals awarded to Clique Vodka for our unparalleled smoothness in international blind taste test competitions.  Superior ingredients = superior vodka.