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Before and after of my class room bulletin board!
Made this delicious snicker doodle protein shake for breakfast this morning ! Here's a little recipe for it. 🌐 1 cup milk (I used regular milk but substitute for what you prefer
🌐1 scoop vanilla protein powder I used @toneitup 🌐a teaspoon of honey 🌐2 tablespoons of peanut butter 🌐2 teaspoons of cinnamon 
And there you have it , super yummy and filling for the rest of your day.
#tbt this this yummy salad from @bgoodri . I've been sick the last week so haven't had any energy to workout but have been trying to eat as healthy as I can. Even if I do crave some @benandjerrys ice cream.
Tried a #yogurtbowl for the first time ! In it I have some yummy Greek honey and strawberry yogurt, with a drizzle of honey and splash of cinnamon and #puffinscereal. Honestly this was an amazing breakfast !
Had myself a Yummy salad from @wholefoods. Trying to get back into eating healthy and working out. Wish me luck !!!!
Love me some floral leggings on a comfy Saturday !
Day dreaming about the 🌊 as I have to go into work today. This super cute bathing suite top is from @target. What's your favorite place to get a bathing suite ?
These might be my all time favorite shorts for summer. Old navy has this pattern in everything you can imagine so snag it up. What's your favorite store to buy shorts ?
One of my favorite comfy outfits to wear! These amazing @lularoe leggings are super comfy and great to wear during work. Let me know what your favorite go to outfit is ? Also do you own any lularoe leggings ? and how many ?
Off to babysit for a little bit. It is so beautiful out today. Tap picture for details on outfit!
Outfit of the night!!
Sometimes I need to be reminded daily that I never have to be perfect. God is the only one that will ever be perfect. And I have to try and remind myself that everyday.