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Eggs, Chicken, Flowers, Lamb & Turkeys. Brentwood, New Hampshire grown and Certified Organic.

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A big, healthy single ewe lamb born this rainy, misty morning.
Two Fun Guys
Heat/Humdity -> Thunder/Rain -> REPEAT
Beautiful Day for a drive... plus the last day to grab a fresh chicken.  Get all the ingredients for an epic LOCAL sunday dinner at the @stoutoakfarm store!
Clouds Above
In the store NOW.  organically grown and no-spray...
Robber Fly in the vineyard draining this other bug of its innards after injecting it with venom that liquifies them for easy slurpability.  The robber fly can fly around with its prey in its grasp too.  Does anyone know what kind of insect the prey is?
Things are happening at Stout Oak and Clyde Farms! Meat chickens in the foreground will be available fresh next week in the store! Behind them, our brand spankin new laying hens are getting very close to getting moved into the mobile coop so that they can get back on pasture as they have just started laying. Behind the new hens is a field filled with Stout Oak potatoes about to sprout up! Such an exciting (and HUMID!) time of the year.
Wastewater? What "waste" water?  Did you know that the @environmentalworkinggroup listed 8 slaughterhouses in the US in their top 20 polluters of surface water in the US? Gross! We utilize 100% of our "waste" products in our composting systems.  Here we see the rinse water from our processing being used to hydrate our big compost pile.  All feathers, heads and innards go jnto an enclosed, seperate composting bin (to keep out wildlife) with lots of organic matter mixed in throughout the season.  Both of these practices produce no runoff, and thus capture all of those nutrients to be utilized by the trillions of organisms living in our compost.  Properly managed in this way, these composting systems produce NO offensive smells either. By spring of next year there will only be rich, dark, finished compost to be seen from these processes, NOT pollution of the Exeter River and Great Bay watersheds.  You can support this sustainable solution  to poultry processing wastes by buying your chicken from us! Fresh chickens are for sale today through Sunday 9am to 6pm!
We got the flock moved across the street today! No way could we have done it without help from our friends @stoutoakfarm! Photo credit to Kate who can apparently hold fencing AND take awesome photos. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Certified Organic, Pastured, LOCAL chicken is on the menu of but only one seacoast eatery tonight.  Partnered with other local, seasonal ingredients, many grown by @stoutoakfarm, our chicken is being featured in several dishes Blue Moon Evolution is offering on their menu. If restaurants using LOCAL meat is important to you, then supporting this eatery's effort to do so should be important to you as well. Oh yeah, and it'll be delicious too.