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This footage shows the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. It was the strongest storm to make landfall there in 85 years. (🎥: Effie Nidam/#CNNAir, US Air Force)
This extraordinary GoPro footage from Raqqa, Syria, was taken by a Brazilian filmmaker who was embedded with Syrian Democratic Forces for months. (🎥: Gabriel Chaim)
Indian sikh devotees gather at the illuminated Golden Temple in Amritsar for the Sikh holiday Bandi Chhor Divas which coincides with Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. (Update: previous caption indicated this was a celebration of Diwali. Image shows a celebration of Bandi Chhor Divas) (📷 by Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images)
As local legend has it, the town of Villalba was the first city in Puerto Rico to get electrical light more than 100 years ago. But now, people wonder if this might be one of the last places to get the lights turned back on. It's been four weeks since the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, and it remains in a state of crisis. This drone video with @edlavacnn shows some of the impact.
Decorations made of colored rice are prepared in the lobby of a #NewDelhi hotel ahead of #Diwali, which begins tomorrow. Also known as the festival of lights, Diwali is #India's biggest and brightest national holiday. (📷 @maxfostercnn)
A video shows what one team of firefighters encountered in Santa Rosa, California. The Tubbs Fire is one of more than 20 deadly blazes being fought in Northern California since early October.
Drone footage shows Rohingya refugees fleeing in a mass exodus from Myanmar into Bangladesh (🎥 via UNHCR)
This exclusive drone footage gives a rare look inside Raqqa, Syria, where US-backed forces fighting ISIS have just announced that “major military operations” in the city have ended and that the jihadists have lost control of their self-declared capital. The development marks a decisive victory in the fight against ISIS, though US officials said there were still pockets of resistance in the city. (🎥: Gabriel Chaim)
These are some of the most expensive dresses in the world. The Dolce & Gabbana designs start at $80,000 and take months to make. (Via @cnnstyle) #fashion #altamoda #italy #dolcegabbana
Thousands of carved pumpkins line the trail at Iroquois Park for the Louisville Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular in Kentucky. The display opened on October 12 and runs through November 5. (📷 by @mamajsoccer)
The Eiffel Tower went dark to pay tribute to the victims of the car bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia. At least 300 people were confirmed dead after a double car bombing rocked Mogadishu on Saturday, making it the deadliest attack in Somalia’s modern history. (🎥 by @charlesbaudry)
Fidget spinners in space. NASA Astronaut Randy "Komrade" Bresnik says it's "a great way to experiment with Newton's laws of motion."