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There are 3 tips you need to know for building #momentum for a success season! Click the link in our bio to check them out in our newest blog post from former professional athlete, keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Game Changer Coaching, @renniecurran!
This week we hosted dinner and gifted some #CLN swag to over 60 Gwinnett County Middle School Coaches.  We cannot say enough about the talent of coaches we are honored to serve! #CLNGIVEBACK
‪We remember and mourn those that lost their lives on this day in 2001! We will NEVER FORGET!🇺🇸‬
#Football season vibes!! 🏈 What football team are you rooting for this season?
One of the most revered coaches in the history of sports, John Wooden was beloved by his former players and fellow #coaches. We hope his words inspire you as you encounter your athletes and define the difference between winning, succeeding, and maintaining #momentum!
Pouring #leadership into #coaches who pour into kids! Click the link in our bio to learn more about #CLN!
We know that sports have a way of bringing people together - whether on the field or from the stands. Listen to the story of one coach who invited that unity on the field into his home. Click the link in our bio to watch the full story! 👆
#CLN would like to congratulate the Peachtree City Little League for their win against Michigan! Tune in to @espn tonight at 7 PM to watch them continue to fight for the title!•
We’d also like to congratulate Melissa Champine, President of the League in Michigan for a great season and being the only female coach at the 2018 @littleleague World Series! •
Click the link in our bio to read more about Melissa and her coaching experience.
“Remind each other as a coaching couple that you have the opportunity to make an impact.” Click the link in our bio to read about family mindsets and heart checks in our newest #CLN blog from Candace Lane, @coacheswivesministry  Founder and Director!
We would like to congratulate the Peachtree City Little League Coach, Patrick Gloriod on getting his Georgia team to the first round of the @littleleague World Series!

Tune in tonight at 8pm to watch our GA team battle it out against Honolulu! ❤️⚾️💙
Back to school and new schedules brings coaches new athletes and families! This weekend we thought we would share some coaching humor only you could appreciate!