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Sometimes, all you need is good friends and a Coke! #TasteTheFeeling
Your mouth is watering and the throat is dry…so watcha waiting for? Just order already! #TasteTheFeeling #BestCombos #CokeNPizza
There are few things that bring this kind of joy and fewer moments that bring such a smile. Hold on to them. #TasteTheFeeling
Cheers to the promise of a great evening and good times ahead! #TasteTheFeeling
Can I have more Coca-Cola please? Actually, make that 4! #TasteTheFeeling
Cool off the heat this summer with a relaxing holiday and a can of Coca-Cola. #TasteTheFeeling
What's better than feeling the raindrops patter on your face? Sipping a Coca-Cola along with it. #TasteTheFeeling
Teachers and students... Both love this writing on the wall, don't they? #HappyTeachersDay #TasteTheFeeling
Burgers, BFFs and Coca-Cola! 'Nuff said. #TasteTheFeeling #GoodTimes
Thrilling drama, gripping matches or even nail-biting suspense! Everything becomes easier to handle with a cool Coke. #TasteTheFeeling
Get-togethers, hangouts and reunions are incomplete without a Coke to catch up over, right? #TasteTheFeeling
Saluting the spirit. Saluting the freedom. #HappyIndependenceDay