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We offer #summercamp and #afterschool for kids in grades K-12 in #Texas. Check out our website to see our current camp offerings! #coderkidstx

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Just some humor to help along your Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend! And in the spirit of things, who’s your favorite Star Wars character? #FridayFeeling #FridayFunny
Pictured here is Ada Lovelace a.k.a. the worlds first programmer! This is especially impressive as she was a woman in the mid 1800s meaning she had less opportunities than the men of the time! #girlpower  #ThrowbackThursday
Here’s a peek into another one of our classes at Best in Class The Woodlands! Be sure to check out our website for locations near you! #coderkidstx #coderkids #houston #dallas #sanantonio #kidscode #thewoodlands #mondaymood
New week new code! Here’s our Coder Kids from The Woodlands Prep learning and having fun doing it! 💻🔥
Which one is more frustrating though?? 🤕 Happy Friday everyone!! 🎉 #FridayFunny
Over 45 years ago NASA’s Pioneer 11 made the first flyby of Saturn by a man-made object. This, along with other cool feats, never would have been possible without coding! #ThrowbackThursday 🌖💫
Another week of classes gone great! Here’s a corny comic for your Saturday, hope everyone has a nice weekend! #techhumor
Did you know programming used to be interpreted by computers via hole punched cards? Here’s a woman posing with 4.5 megabytes of data, or 62,500 cards... #ThrowbackThursday
Yesterday over 30 years ago, the original #thelegendofzelda was released on NES. This game was the beginning of what has become one of the most successful video game series of all time! But do you know the main characters name? (Hint: it’s not Zelda)⚔️ #ThrowbackThursday
More great classes like this one coming soon! Be sure to sign up before we’re full!! #SundayFunday
Getting prepared for our new fall classes and all the awesome things we have in store!! Hope y’all are ready ;)
Many thanks to our awesome summer staff (and a few others missing). You guys and gals were awesome! Thanks for helping our students learn so much and have a fun time learning to code!