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Even great coffee can be better #coffeealchemy #mycoffeeritual

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We know you’re all still star struck over our high profile visitor from yesterday, but the winner today for us is Maddie a local at Alchemy! Get your last entries in for one more draw next week - you’re in the running for either a @huskeecup or 250g of our beans! #coffeealchemy
Apparently @davidbeckham heard we had great coffee so he and Victoria stopped by for a few drinks! He’s now a new fan of our Sibila’s Brew blend #coffeealchemy #davidbeckham
The weekend is coming and the rain should be holding off! Reminder that Micro down at Barangaroo is open Saturdays now 9:30 - 1:30 
Photo by @scrumptious_munchies
Time for another #whatisitwednesday 
Any guesses? If you’re absolutely certain and in the industry please give others a chance first. 🤔#coffeealchemy
In the city on this beautiful day? Be sure to pop into @gumption_syd for a #coffee located in the iconic #strandarcade #igotgumption #coffeealchemy 
Photo 📷 @roasterdaily
Heading into that #innerwest #weekend and the sun has poked its head out ☀️ Let’s hope it sticks around. #coffeealchemy
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With the assistance of her mum, Juno helped us draw the winner for this weeks October Weekly draw. Congrats to Basem Ahmed who entered at @gumption_syd
If you’ve been instore to any of our shops the last week you might have noticed we are doing a weekly draw all through October (still 3 more draws) Simply drop a business card or fill out a slip to be in the draw to win either 250g beans or a @huskeecup ! We had some real official customers in and asked one to do the draw for us. Our first winner from last week is Marcel Bingham! Congrats! 🎉
#whatisiswednesday coming at you! Any ideas what this circular plastic disc that’s grey on one side and black on the other is for? 🤔 Answer posted in the comments tomorrow.
May The Brew Be With You (these hoodies and shirts available in store and online) 📷 @humancaffeinated #IGotGumption
How do you brew? 
Fancy some Saturday brews in Barangaroo? Starting tomorrow #microcoffee will be open Saturdays 10am - 2pm for takeaway and beans! 📷 by @mariachoi ☕️✨
#coffeealchemy #streetsofbarangaroo