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Coffee cups from the best cafés around the world!
Submissions - shoot straight on, plain background. Direct message. by @henry_hargreaves_photo

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Luft Coffee, Seoul. @luft_coffee submission @des_coffee #coffeecupsoftheworld
Two Pups Coffee, Dublin @two_pups_coffee submission @zoevans99 I wonder what rock star this symbol is a reference to...
The Thirsty Elephant, UK. @thethirstyelephant 🐘 coffee shop on wheels with a cute illustrated elephant on the cup! #coffeecupsoftheworld
Sezane, New York. @sezane submission @eatnlondon #coffeecupsoftheworld
Grind, London. @grind #coffeecupsoftheworld
Order & Chaos, Baltimore. @orderchaoscoffee #coffeecupsoftheworld
Weathe Gauge, Easton MD. @wgcoffee ‘Semper Fortis’ or ‘Ever Strong’ the motto of the US Navy, this cafe has a Naval theme running throughout #coffeecupsoftheworld
Fritz Coffee Company, Seoul. @fritzcoffeecompany submission @des_coffee #coffeecupsoftheworld
Dez, New York. @inthedez submission @eatnlondon #coffeecupsoftheworld
Ovis Coffees, Nicosia, Cypress. @oviscoffees
Granthams Cafe, Dublin 🇮🇪 @granthamscafe submission @lageraghty #coffeecupsoftheworld
Kokako Coffee, Mount Manganui. 🇳🇿 @kokakocoffee submission by @catherinemurray_writer cup by @innocentpackaging #coffeecupsoftheworld