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Planning my trip to Italy this winter and im beyond excited! #italiancoffee #italy #travel
Someone labeled me a Socialite Party Girl with a bad stigma to it. It was someone close to me. The more I break conventional boundaries and more push-back I get. I truly believe I'm on the right path for me. Do you ever feel resistance from people surrounding you when you're born to stand out?
Planning a trip to the #unitedkingdom to visit the beautiful The Real Flower Petal Confetti Co. #travel #travelblogger / These flowers are making me want to dive in and creating so much excitement for what's to come.
Another adorable coffee bar that im dying to try.  @mbak_fotokopi adore this
@cherri_porter and me are totally on the same page. Hehe
As my opening gets closer I get more nervous, but the truth is, it's a good nervousness. I've never been so aligned and on point in such a long time. Haters will hate, some will doubt me, but others will find inspiration and become leaders in their own right. I can't wait!
Adore this from @g_e_r_o_ 🖤 makes me want to hit the beach this weekend with picnic basket.