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Congratulations to @colbyhockey Head Coach Blaise MacDonald, who tonight was named the American Hockey Coaches Association National Coach of the Year for NCAA Division III. The Mules play tomorrow night at 6:30 p.m. against @stnorbert in the #frozenfour. #gomules
Take a closer look into Molecular Biology at Colby. In this lab, students were asked to analyze RNA in two different ways: First, using a NanoDrop spectrophotometer, then using gel electrophoresis. This lab is part of a bigger six week project— the overall goal is to try to see differences in the activation of plant genes by exposure to different environmental factors. -
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Happy first day of spring! This little guy is feeling pretty good about the less than springlike weather this week. -

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What an impressive lineup coming to Mayflower Hill for #Colby2018 Commencement. We're thrilled to have U.S. Senator Susan Collins, artist Theaster Gates, journalist Rebecca Corbett, and Harold Alfond Foundation Chairman Gregory Powell as this year's commencement and baccalaureate speakers and honorands.
Today’s #MuleMondays feature is Shada Diab, Colby’s Arabic Language Assistant. She is at Colby this year as a @the_fulbright_program scholar.
- “I just wanted, for a change, to try and live somewhere else besides Israel. But, to be honest, I hated everything when I first got here. I decided I needed to find a way to make it work. So I went on a road trip through 42 states. I drove 11,000 miles. It was amazing. You learn so many things about yourself. I learned that I am very responsible—back home I used to really count on my Dad sometimes, but here you have to do everything by yourself. I also learned I can deal with tough situations, like last minute decisions. I was so proud of myself. I would have just collapsed if I was back home.

At Colby I teach two courses—Arabic beginners and intermediate, and my students are amazing. It’s incredible the difference between back home and here. Here, everyone is so motivated, they’re curious, they want to know more—it’s amazing.

I have been doing a lot of activities and projects with the Jewish community—it’s something that I want people back home to see because it’s very complicated between Arabs and Jews, and here it was just easier for me to like be in contact with a Rabbi or anyone from the Jewish department, and I am just trying to send a message that maybe someday there is hope. We can just work together. And actually Rabbi Rachel Isaacs, with her wife, they visited my family back home in Israel--- she sent me pictures. And people there, when they saw a rabbi at my place, they were so surprised.

The community here—I love how you can ask anyone for anything and they are willing to help. I remember when I came here and I was struggling with the snow in the beginning—I met this professor and he was asking me how I was managing, and he offered to give me his car for three months because he’s staying on campus. It was so useful. When I gave it back, then Rabbi Rachel helped me out with another car. Anywhere you go, you just ask, people will help you out. I’ve made a lot of friends—second semester has been amazing and now I want to stay forever. I love it here. 📸: @thepicmic/ @colbycollege
Do you believe in miracles? @colbyhockey is heading to the #frozenfour in Lake Placid after beating @sunygeneseo on a goal with 1 second left in the game! @themules
STOPPING POWER. @colbyhockey, led by stellar goaltending from Sean Lawrence ‘18, looks to continue their playoff run this weekend in upstate New York. Men’s Hockey takes on @sunygeneseo Saturday night at 7:00. Tune into the livestream— link in bio. #gomules #muletrain #holdthehill 📸: @thepicmic/ @colbycollege
What are the musical cultures outside of Colby, and what are the communities making this music? Asst. Professor of Music Natasha Zelensky's class, "Maine's Musical Soundscapes: Ethnography of Maine," has been engaging with this question through interaction and observation of Maine's Franco-American communities. Last night, the class hosted a contra-dance with the The French Canadian duo "Zigue," which performed traditional music with caller Cindy Larock of Lewiston. #colbycollege #contradance #frenchcanadian #musicdaily 📸: @thepicmic/ @colbycollege
Hundreds of Colby students took part in #nationalwalkoutday, gathering in silence in front of Miller library for 17 minutes to honor the 17 victims in last month’s Parkland school shooting, and to protest gun violence in schools. 📸: @thepicmic / @colbycollege
President Greene is traveling across Asia this week, visiting Japan, China, and Hong Kong. Last night in Tokyo, he met with architect, author, lecturer and preservationist Yoshihiro Takishita, who received an honorary degree from Colby at last year's Commencement.  All this week President Greene is meeting with Colby students and alumni, and is making a number of public appearances to speak about the importance of transforming the liberal arts experience to deeply connect it to the world. Follow the trip across Colby's social media channels with #ColbyinAsia.
Today’s #Mulemondays feature is History Professor Raffael Scheck, now in his 24th year of teaching at Colby: “I was born in Germany but I grew up mostly outside of Germany-- in Israel first, and then mostly in Switzerland. I was beaten up as a kid for being a foreigner, for being German. It wasn’t because of how I looked--it was because of how I spoke, or rather how I didn’t speak, because I often didn’t know the language. My first language was German, then I learned French, Italian, and finally English. I also can do written Latin and know a bit of  Serbo-Croatian.
Originally I was planning to go back to Europe, but there were practically no jobs when I got my PhD in 1993. I ended up getting a position at Bowdoin and found I really liked the liberal arts college model--I thought it was fascinating, and it corresponded with a lot of ideas I had about teaching and interacting with students. Colby offered me a position in 1994, and I’ve been here ever since. I think that one of the big things that has been very valuable to me at Colby is that the teaching is the clear priority, but Colby has also had a big commitment to supporting faculty research. I would not be the teacher or the person I am today without that intensive research agenda, which then also influences my teaching. - 
I play the cello quite actively. I actually play in concerts a couple times of year in Portland. I studied the cello when I was young but I left the conservatory to study history because I simply had started playing a little bit late because my family had moved around so much for the first 10-12 years of my childhood. I also have a sweet tooth… I have a recipe for linzer torte, and I challenge my students sometimes to try it, and I volunteer myself as a taster. It’s really a heroic, selfless effort on my part.”
📸: @thepicmic / @colbycollege
Incredible. Another win for Colby Hockey. They advance to the second round of the NCAA Division III tournament with a 4-2 win over UNE tonight. @themules