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Whole Body Cryotherapy
❄️ Athletic Recovery
❄️ Pain Relief
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HOT or COLD ? which do you prefer ? Tell us why ? We would love to hear ! & if you have yet to try both come in today todo so! #geticed #sweatwithcoldplay #wholebodycryotherapy #infaredsauna
do you know @jwferrer ? have you been to her SOULCYCLE class? If you have yet todo so you absolutely NEED too!!! then head over to us for some quick recovery like Julie does !!!
After a long weekend of Halloween celebrations , candy & late nights some recovery is a definite need for your bodies! Come in and see us today for some recovery ! Whichever you prefer ! Hot 🔥 or Cold ❄️
Thank @kennyromes for visiting us today @coldplaycryo to use our #normatec leg sleeves,  we LOVED having you & can’t wait to see you again!
Don’t forget we are OPEN SUNDAYS TOO !!! 9-12pm ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Ever wonder what’s so great about our noninvasive cryotherapy facials & how they work ? Well HERES THE ANSWER ! ❄️❄️
Benefits Infrared Sauna 
1. Detoxification 
2. Relaxation 
3. Pain Relief 
4. Weight Loss 
5. Improved Circulation 
6. Skin Purification 
Why is Infrared Saunas better than normal Sauna? 
Due to the low humidity and modest air temperature, infrared sauna health benefits include detoxification and weight loss. Infrared saunas promote more sweating than a steam room. ... The lower temperature of infrared saunas compared to steam rooms tends to be easier on the body.
Good thing we have ICE & HEAT at Coldplay ! Come in today and help us help you today !! #infaredsauna #cryotherapy
Thank for coming to visit us today Chordale Booker!! #athlete #coldplaycryotherapy #recovery #geticed
Have you seen our new space redesign ? New changing rooms , furniture and so much more !!! Stop in  today to check it out !!! #coldplaycryo
COLDPLAY CRYOTHERAPY has a new mascot & even she does cryotherapy! Come Visit Athena Today !#puppycryo #cryotherapy #coldplaycryo
Even our employees make time for Cryo sessions each day!!!! Come stop by and visit them today & share a picture of your experience!! Don't forget to tag us !!