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With the breathtaking views of #wenatcheenationalforest and the pristine conditions of @tumblecreekclub, it made for one great day of golf in #washingtonstate.  #greatmemorieswithgreatfriends #travismathew #newbalancegolf
Enjoying drinks after a great round of golf @tumblecreekclub #offdays #travismathews
Today's the day to pre order "Ruined this Town"!! The official song will be released October 12 and the music video November 1.  I really commend @leeganttmusic and @heidi_hamels for all the tireless hours they have worked on not only this SONG, but the future album!  I know this is going to be something special! I couldn't be more proud of my wife Heidi and this is an understatement!#countrymusic #musicvideo @michelleckeys #missourisunset #livingthetourlife #leeganttmusic #newmusic
It's completely different hearing the phrase "alright, alright, alright" from the man himself, then when we all use it in the clubhouse daily! It was nice of Matthew to stop in for a quick chat while he was out speaking with his @jklivinfoundation. @grillcheese49 with the perfect quote on the new @rangers shirts! #alwaysmakingtime
Ambushed @mikenapoli25 while he was extremely focused on his penmanship on his @paniniamerica baseball cards! They had a special @rangers day at the office! We were both glad to be apart of it and checkout the Q&A they had us do!
America, we stand and come together on this important day of remembrance.  #neverforget
Incredible week for @thehamelsfoundation Thursday's event we raised a little over $70,000 at #arasaphafarms. We had over 600 attendees participate in the carnival themed event/concert by @saraspicermusic and we were able to give back to AMY Northwest school for their outdoor garden project! We are so blessed to have the support from our followers, volunteers, board members, committee members and sponsors! Especially- #allworldwidetravel, #wellsfargo, #duffers #batesfarm and #phillies. Your time and donations are going to an amazing cause!

Friday's nomination for the #robertoclementeaward is such an amazing honor for all of us that believe so much in our mission! We can't thank the @rangers enough for choosing @thehamelsfoundation to represent them in this years vote. We love what we have been able to accomplish with them and in the community of Dallas Fort Worth! We will always continue our best effort in these wonderful communities.  Thank you for believing in us to help make a difference!
This is actually to all of you "mom's" out there. I was talking to my wife yesterday and she was going through the schedule with our 4 kids and no help. She is exhausted ( in fact she reminds me she hasn't slept in 3 days often-ha!) but still has a smile when she's with them. Honestly if any of you have any "mom" advice, I'd love to hear it and what gets you through your day? God bless you for what you do!  #greatmoms #singleparentlife #heidi_hamels #adviceplease
To all of our Hamels Foundation supports in PA; please join me and @heidi_hamels for our Top of the Hill event on Thursday September 7 (5-9), to support our Namunda Primary School in Malawi, Africa! An amazing family-friendly event with inflatables, carnival food, live music from @saraspicermusic & more! This school is changing so many lives in Africa and we can't thank you enough for believing in us and wanting to make the world a better place! Please know that every single cent you donate goes directly to the cause- our admin keeps zero $$$. Tix on sale now on our website:! #topofthehill #africa #carnival #Philadelphia #thehamelsfoundation
Missing this bunch already! What a great 2017 summer! #schoolstartssoon #summerisover #heidi_hamels #reevehamels #familytime
I wanted to send a personal thanks to our Military and everyone else who is on the ground helping Texas. #thanksforkeepingussafe #grateful
Guys be sure to check out @leeganttmusic as he and my wife @heidi_hamels made one heck of a music video and song! Pre-sale begins September 15 and the official song will be available October 12! 
Stay tuned to see the full music video and EP on November 1! 
#leeganttmusic #tourlife #musicvideo #countrymusic #michelleckeys