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Big stuff in the making with @metropoleorkest  for #ade18
Building a dedicated live rig for when I am flying for shows. This seemed like a great time to make a few sonic changes, especially for my drums. Very much looking forward to working with the assimil8or and the fxbox in bitbox mode. Got a fresh erbeverb for a few more years of service. Magneto because fuck yeah. And I finally have some WMD in my setup 😁

#eurorack #live
Very excited for this one! All of my more melodic synthworks, forged into a massive orchestral perfomance with the @metropoleorkest at #ade18 next week wednesday! This is gonna be EPIC

#eurorack #modularsynth #metropoleorkest #colinbenders
Day2 with the er301. This thing is madness. Drums are finally coming to life.

#modularsynth #er301 #techno #studytime
Messing around with the er-301. Its about time to start using this thing in my setup. Recording the drum loop into a buffer, then live slicing it and sequencing it with the metropolis. Fun stuff!

#eurorack #er301 #studytime
Out now! I did a remix for @joepbeving which got released today on his remix album Conatus. Loved working on this one! Find it on your internet and such, enjoy!
This is bound to be an epic event! I'll be playing alongside heavyweights like @boemklatsch @chris_liebing @marceldettmann and @deadmau5 
November 10th, be there!

#weareelectric #techno #colinhenderson #danceydance
Tonight is gonna be awesome! Sounding great here 🚀starting 2:30AM until I have to leave to catch my flight 🛫
#modular #techno #live #gijón #colinbenders
Arrived in Gijón after a few wild adventures in Moscow (cab drivers, please dont ever change 😁) Very much looking forward to this one! Tomorrow night, be there!

#lanna #modular #techno #colinbenders #gijón
Wonderful to be back in Moscow! Playing at Synthposium tomorow 17.45, glad to have an extra day here to explore the city and meet up with people a bit. Good times!

#synthposium #modular #travelings
Hard learned lesson: do NOT switch on phantom power with your modular setup. FML

#eurorack #fail
Tonight at @egg_club_london with @defekt__ and @deltafunktionen be there!

#modular #techno #london