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B A L A N C E. RIP Tre

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TBT just wait on it #TheSlickWay
Walking in purpose @adriaenblack
Eyes on the prize. I won’t lose
Thank you to @Comcast @XFINITY for allowing me to give insight about my experiences with digital literacy at the Savard Club. I’m a @BGCA_Clubs alum so it meant a lot to be there and give back. #FAMILYNIGHT #LOVE #OurFuture  #TheSlickWay
Happy Mother’s Day to my first true love. The queen of the tribe @3colvinkids
Real heroes.
Dog! @bakermayfield
“Average bend, feet and twitch, which negates his transitional quickness and allows receivers to create separation out of breaks. Does not play fast. Lacks striking power. Gets hung up on blocks. Has a concussion history.” To all the draft prospects- Be you and let no man tell you what you can or can’t do. What round you’re drafted means nothing in this league. Either you’re a baller or you’re not. #BeGreat #TheSlickWay #Glory
It’s our time Houston #NewEra
Headshots from here on out #TheSlickWay
It’s bigger than me. I’m just the vessel #Glory #FOE
He is risen.