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My first experienced with The Halo Room, one of Malaysia’s first Halotherapy (salt therapy) centre that offers natural remedies to help combat inflammation, destroy bacteria, and strengthen the immune system. It is also known as Halotherapy, which  proven to be effective in relieving the symptoms respiratory problem and skin ailments. I didn’t expect that the salt can also treat and cure my asthmatic and acute eczema. The result after 1 session with the Salt Treatment was really great. I noticed that the inflammation that I has been suffering is gradually ease off. Furthermore, i have better sleep at night as if I have been injected with sleeping medication. 
For those who are keen on something different from normal treatment, Why don't you try the Salt Treatment by HaloRoom. They offer treatment for both adults and children of all ages including the elderly, wheelchair-bound individuals, breastfeeding mothers, and expecting mothers. 
For more info do visit their website at or visit their IG page at #haloroommalaysia #salttherapyroom #salttherapy
TB Selepas kepenatan meronda dan berpusing UTurn atas highway bersama @malaysianparenting, penat, dahaga jangan cakap lah. Sempat Singgah di @khatulistiwah @thecurve_official perkena Nasi Kerabu Ayam Bakar layan.. hilangkan dahaga dengan minuman Jasmin Rose Tea, coffee fresh Aduh.. nyaman.. service cepat dan ruang yang selesa. Lokasi pun mudah ditemui bersebelahan Secret Recipe dan berhadapan McDonald je Level G. 
Pengemar kopi?! Murai batu dan pekaka kopi adalah antara yang mendapat sambutan kerana rasa dan huruman kopi segar. Nak beli bawa balik pun memang ada siap pack tau. So sesiapa yang ada disekitar Lembah Kelang dan kuala lumpur or sekitarnya. Boleh lah singgah dan rasai sendiri keistimewaan menu hidangan dari @khatulistiwah ini. 
On 10 Aug 2019, Kitchen 360 , Malaysia’s first and largest comprehensive commercial kitchen showroom had organised an event called Blender Wars. There were showcase of famous brands in blenders such as Hamilton beach, blendtec and vitamix usa, santos france, robot coupe france , kenwood uk. Cool right?! Let’s spend your spare  time to visit and explore Commercial Kitchen Arena, one stop platform offering a complete range of solutions for your kitchen that include professional consultancy to setting up kitchen, project management for retail F&B as well as maintaining and servicing of kitchen equipment. Kitchen Arena also provide training center in F&B sector.

For more info do visit their official page at or visit /follow/ like their FB & IG @kithenarena
#k360  #commercialkitchen  #kitchenarena  @kitchenarena
Port terbaik untuk hangout ngan kawan, lunch or dinner , 13 dishes terbaru dari PNB Perdana Hotel & Suites On The Park akan buat perut korang full. Jangan risau bab harga. Mesti korang terkejut punya. Tak caya tanya kawan2 I tu. Paling I suka adalah masak lemak cili api daging salai dan sago gula melaka. (Dappnyaaa gulai lemak cili api tu.. teringat plak🤤🤤🤤). @syafiqahhashimxoxo , @alizasara , @livelifelah nt repeat ya.🙈🙈😍☺️. P/s : Layan gambar jangan terliur pula
@pnbperdanakl #10binjairestaurant #airtanganchef #foodhunting #foodie #pnbperdanaonthepark #pnbperdanaontheparkkualalumpur 
#sagogulamelaka #masaklemakciliapidagingsalai sedap!!!
Menyelerakan bukan? Malah korang boleh juga mengadakan sebarang acara istimewa dan aktiviti kekeluargaan di sini. Seperti sambutan hari lahir juga jamuan makan berkumpulan.

Ini yang kitaorang makan.. maaf bila sibuk nak pangang dan rebus sampai tak sempat nak snap gambar hidangan yang seterusnya..huhu sebab terlampau sedap terutama sos kicap.
@dkayangansteamboat #portmakanmurah #shahalam #foodie #foodhunting
TB: Terlalu banyak yang menarik untuk di upload.. Tapi ini antara yang menarik. 
Thanks @ktmbofficial untuk pengalaman yang sangat berharga ini. Tahun depan sila buat lagi #RetroKlang #DiscoverSelangor #Locca #TourbyRail #RetroTheme #keretapilama
Pro Metallic Eyeliner, HD Fixing Loose Powder, Face & Body Glitter tutorial 
Let me briefly share with you what is Elianto. The word “Elianto” is derived from the word "sunflower" in Italian, inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolised by the flower. Elianto carries products such as Makeup, Skin Care, Nail Care, Fragrance, Cosmetic Accessories, & Personal care.

Let’s sign up as member using link given : and enjoyed:-
- 10% cashback rebate with every purchase in stores or online.
- New member is entitled to get a RM8 E-voucher and it can be used in any Elianto’s outlets. -elianto make up Pro Metallic Eyeliner 
is a creamy soft pencil available in five dazzling shades. Each eyeliner slides on effortlessly and loads your lids with a metallic finish.

High shine rich pigment
Creamy soft enriched with Avocado Oil Retracable pencil with sharpener

elianto make up HD Fixing Powder 
delivers airbrushed looking skin, setting your makeup for a flawless finish. This loose powder is easy to use with its unique powder net which disperses a controlled amount of powder. This extremely light and silky texture blend seamlessly into the skin, leaving it matte finish and controls shine throughout the day.

Oil Control
Provides the perfect finishing for touch up
Helps keep foundation/make up set
Mineral based formula helps to control shine and smooth skin's texture Enriched moisturising active with Vitamin E & Macadamia Oil.

Elianto Make Up Face & Body Glitter

The shimmering glitter boasts a highly reflective texture and can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to add sparkle to the face, body and hair.
Depends on ocassion like party, wedding, causal wear, fashion show, school, makeup salon or studio.
To create a perfectly sparkly finish look.
Apply to face or skin as desired with a sponge, brush or fingertips.
Elianto Cleansing Wet Tissue and Deep Sea Lips & Eyes Remover & follow with daily skincare regime.
#eliantomakeup #eliantoEcampaign @elianto_make_up_official
@mynivea melancarkan variasi terbaru melalui deodoran yang memberi kesegaran haruman Hokaido Rose dan Sakura. Ia mampu mencerahkan serta melembutkan bawah lengan anda secara mendalam. Berkeyakinan dengan pelindungan sehingga 48 jam. Pilihan ku tentu saja #hokaidorose 
#rosyconfidence #mynivea
Financial Genius Group (FGG Group) terus cemerlang memberikan perkhidmatan dalam perancangan dan perlindungan kewangan untuk pengguna di Malaysia dengan yang terbaharu menerusi kerjasama strategik yang dijalin bersama FWD Takaful Berhad (dahulunya dikenali sebagai HSBC Amanah Takaful (Malaysia) Berhad). Sehubungan itu, hari ini FGG GROUP turut melancarkan entiti terbaharu yang berkaitan dengan perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan iaitu FGG WEALTH AL-KHASSAH (VIP Private wealth Islamic) dan FGG ISLAMIC ENTREPRENUR ACADEMY (seminar dan program motivasi). @mahadibz

Shoutout to  BOBA’s lover!!!!! Let join the Boba Challenge on 3rd August at Paradigm Mall and you can win 1 year supply of bubble tea from brands of Gong Cha, T Bun and Tealive.

Check out the details below. 
Challenge Date: 3 Aug 2019
Time:  2pm, 4pm, 6pm (3 sessions in total)
Location: Paradigm Mall, In front of Digi, Level 1 
1.  Spend a min of RM50 in a single receipt at any outlets at @paradigmpj and register at concierge counter
2.  3 challenge sessions with 20 participants for each sessions.
3.  Each participant is require to taste FIVE (5) drinks and guess the brand.

Wishing you the best of luck yo

Universal savior for acne problems

Nuvit Acne Treatment Set

This set contains :

1 X Nuvit Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate Toner 30ml

1 X Nuvit Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid Moisturizer 30ml

1 X Nuvit Acne Purifying Gel Pimple Treatment 15ml

Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate is a Bi-phase toner suspends with zinc and kaolin, oil-absorbing mineral that can purify skin and enhance oil-controlling effect while refine pores to give a matte finish. Added with America Klamath Lake Algae Extract, it moisturizes and repairs skin.

It helps to shrink pores instantly and clarify oily skin. It also eliminates annoying blackhead and whitehead.

Suitable for skin with open/closed comedones, large pores, or oily skin.

Oil control
Soften Acne Skin
Prevents Pimples and Acnes


Finally it end!!! congrats to all the winners. especially my favorite contestant @ezzatyhasbullah a talented and have a big heart on humanity MasyaAllah!!!You did it!! proud of you!! May Allah grants you with blessed and happines.
#thefaceofhealthybeauty #thefaceofguardianmy #thefaceofhealthybeauty 
@guardianmy #guardianmalaysia