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boy below the banana trees
itching for a new experience like this right about now *by @arunkarra
gone fishing, on film*
safe wishes to everyone in california right now. if you have a chance to bring some supplies over to your local fire station, im sure they’d deeply appreciate it. ♥️
🌾, oldie of me by me*
thinking about the 12 victims of the thousand oaks shooting. thinking about the thousands of people and animals ‪currently being affected ‬by the california wild fires. thinking about the family in my hometown who suddenly lost their 26 year old daughter yesterday. just thinking.
i voted!! hope you did too! if not, there’s still time left so get your butt over there ✊🏻👊🏻
evening glow
greenhouse 🌿
Last Sunday i was beyond honored to be the first LGBTQ+ recipient of my hometown’s Wall of Excellence award! All types of odd (but good) feelings around being recognized and given something like this in my small, midwestern home. i gave a speech about the importance of inclusion, the isolation i felt within my school’s walls as a closeted young person, and how necessary vocal openness + acceptance is in today’s world (especially in rural communities like where i grew up). i followed by meeting with my old high school’s GSA and donating a whole section of Queer Literature to their library in hopes to make everyone feel a little more represented in a place they spend so many hours of so many days. i know it’s a small push, but im really happy with how well it’s been received. Pretty cool day all around. Massive thank you to @eliza.byard for coming to the ceremony to present me with my award, my family for contagious excitement + nearly making me cry while giving my speech (typical) and to @glsen for all the guidance on the books that were gifted 🏳️‍🌈♥️
*Portland, 2017
sup punks