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out here living my best life ngl
sundown in los angeles (also i took this on my phone wow technology is crazZZzZzy man)
sunrise over san francisco this morning
right before the sun goes down
i dont know the pose. im unsure of the concept. i do really love this construction vest everyone had to wear on set so thats something i suppose.. also i fell over moments later happy thursday 🚧🚼
another quick hello and goodbye to this city. spent the majority of this trip working on a pretty big fashion first for me. excited to share more when someone tells me i can haha 🙃😙
new york shopping 🛒🎀
from my book, note to self | still so proud of it and really adore seeing what you all think of it too | photo by meia0528
autumn has fully taken over.. the soft yellow knit im wearing makes my heart happy and the black #reebokclassics really complete the look! grab a pair of your own at @journeys and tag me in your photos pretty pls #ad 🍂👟⚡️
florals on film 🌞
autumn has arrived and i can finally whip out my cute as hell cropped sweater 💃🏻🍁 boomerang creds to @people