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Smile. It’s Friday. 
35mm • October 2018 •
35mm • October 2018 • Rancho Relaxo, NJ @boochaces
A reminder to cherish and be kind to this earths animals 🖤
35mm • october 2018 • Rancho Relaxo, NJ @boochaces
The first rule of (this) fight club is: you *do* talk about it. 
The second rule, and the third rule and the fourth rule and etc etc etc.
✔️O T E D ✌🏻💙 best way to pop that colla.
PS: if you’ve been scrolling through your phones grumbling about all the “please vote” posts from people on social media, it’s because it was in hopes that it would get more people to the polls. Especially young people. In an effort that if they had more information about their rights and their ballots it could possibly make a change. 
And all I’ll say is this: I’ve been going to the same polling place by my apartment for a while now. 
I’ve never waited in a long line in any past election. 
Until today, where I waited. A long time.  Because people who never voted before showed up so...
That’s something🤞🏻
make your voice heard today and VOTE just as loud as you did at any protest, march, or enraging news banner that made it’s way across your phone screens over the last few years. 
#vote #becauseenoughalready 
I took this photo at a NY protest after #hewhoshallnotbenamed was elected. If you were angry then, and you’re angry now: wait in the polling line no matter how long it is.
↖︎ ↖︎ ↖︎ ↖︎ don’t forget to look up 
Oh! and another thing, now that I’ve got you here reading a caption under a photo of my face: don’t forget to do your research about WHO you’re voting for and WHAT they would do if they were to be elected.
Ok? Ok. Good chat. Thank you. Carry on with your scrolling✌🏻✌🏻
“Woman reading book.” (or):
“Woman sitting on a curb in Florence, immersed in a book so much that she subconsciously twirls her hair while the setting sunlight cuts diagonally across and above her.”
(Caption depends on your level of attention to detail.) august 2018• firenze, italia• 35mm
•a sweet old woman walking her dog by the canal •

august 2018 • venice, italy • 35mm
Post #1000 
My feelings about social media have always been very divided. Instagram specifically started out I remember as a “new app of the week” which was used for sharing just photos and the option of a only a few filters (anyone remember poor unused “Hefe”?). There was no private account option, no verification badge, no video options or stories or face filters or #tbt or #fbf and not the same weight of a value system marked by a follower count number. It wasn’t assumed you had one so the question was “do you use Instagram?” vs the current “what’s your IG?” I started out sharing just my film photos as a way to “share” a little bit while still maintaining something of me for myself and those really in my life. 
But slowly what you share, how much you share, when you share and the why you’re sharing changed. All of it getting lost in an endless archived scroll.

As someone who enjoys photography I find it exciting to share the things I see. 
As an actor I’m asked to share things work related. 
As a human being, woman, and American citizen in 2018, I feel it’s my obligation to use this platform for political awareness.

Moving forward I’m not sure what this page aesthetic will morph into. I have days I want to delete the whole thing and days I wanna share. All I know is this platform is a beast of its own and I hope you all do as I do and try to keep whatever you see on your feeds in perspective. 
Now for a throwback on a Monday, as an actor and photographer using Instagram: my first #myversionofaselfie on my first roll I ever got developed from my Pentax k1000 circa 2013 on the set of Klondike.

#endrant #lettheFeedingcommence #35mm (woah shocker) #filmisnotdead (obviously) #pentaxk1000 (duh)
The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light
“The light, air and general life in Italy emitted a range of color she’d never witnessed before. Italy’s colors deserve their own set of names and rainbow.” #sensationsontheeye #35mm
sometimes I write a lot in a caption for a photo and sometimes the photo says more than any words I could string together.
This is one of those photos.
rome • september 2018 • 35mm