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{when sunlight pierces through trees...}
35mm film • July 2019 • toronto •
#atitansthrowbackthursday :
This shot I took last year during season 1 of the magical @aprilthebowlby aka Miss Rita Farr ✨
Added a camera to the family for this seasons BTS pics. This little but mighty Olympus Mju II. 
Stay Tuned ✌🏻 35mm Kodak TX film • June ‘19 •
season 2 🙅🏻‍♀️💥, one month. 
@thedcuniverse @dcutitans
sept 6th 👊🏻💃🏻
just a happy dog in a park enjoying it’s life. 
Cuz our feeds can never have enough dog content. 
35mm portra 400 film • July 2019 • toronto •
Here’s your non-leaked, Official First Look at Donna’s Wondergirl red & gold suit😉. 🙅🏻‍♀️♥️⭐️ #momisnotgonnafindmyjokefunny
“I think I’ll make a post- workout smoothie today😄!” She said with health driven optimism
“LOL watch this😈.” Said the Vitamix & Universe fully aware her kitchen had just been cleaned the day prior. 
Make sure that spout at the top of your blender is closed kids. 
Learn from my mistakes or you too will be trying to get smoothie off the ceiling. 
#blueberries #Life #coolcoolcool🙃
if I can’t be in Italy this summer, I’ll just live vicariously through the ones I took last summer. 
35mm Kodak portra film • Pentax k1000 • August 2018 •
beige is a soft colour. 
my battery is low.
I could go for a slice of banana bread right now. 
Maybe I’ll just make some?
I think I wanna cut my hair off again. 
Where was I this time last year?
(God I love this song.)
I gotta text mom back. 
OK—> Share. (my Stream of Consciousness when it came to think of a caption is my caption.  Cuz spending more than 1 minute thinking one up is just a waste of time.)
Goodnight Internet ✌🏻💛 Cc @maxgengos for inside joke reasons.
The blur effect that came from not having enough light for the film makes me love this photo even more. Something about the painting like blurriness of it reminds me of that feeling Love gives you where two people just blend into one person ♥️. Love & Beautiful subjects brought to you by @chellaman & @maryvbenoit 
between takes on set last month

35mm • June 2019 • taken on Olympus MJU II •