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YOU do.
Join us at Convention of States to see how you can help bring power back to your state!

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The only solution as big as the problem has been in the U.S. Constitution all along!
The Convention of States Senior Adviser Senator Tom Coburn will be the featured guest for “The Speaker Series.” Get info and tickets here:
The rest of the nation could follow the Golden State due to heavy federal regulations.
The swamp is too deep for any one person to drain it and the swamp monsters know it. Learn how a Convention of States can clean it up.
The first-ever Citizens for Self-Governance Club is off to a great start at Hillsdale College! Junior Lucy Meckler, the chapter's co-president, said she feels the club provides a concrete approach to solving the issues of bloated government. CSG is a nonpartisan organization, whose current project is Convention of States. "It's a structural, constitutional way to fix the government instead of just voting in new people or educating citizens." The club hosts weekly meetings and also provides internship opportunities with the parent organization. We look for many young leaders to be shaped and empowered by this new club! #conventionofstates @csghillsdale
Yesterday, COS Iowa volunteers traveled to Des Moines to pack a committee room! They made quite the impression watching the deliberation while wearing their COS buttons. Iowa state senators responded in kind and voted overwhelmingly to advance our resolution for a full floor vote. We are so proud of the team in Iowa and their efforts and praying for their success! #conventionofstates
The Mississippi team has been generating huge momentum! At their recent Surge Day, they demonstrated attention to detail and commitment to clear objectives. The kind of success they're seeing is no accident, but the result of persistent work and organization. The success of Convention of States relies on everyday, freedom-loving Americans stepping up to take action. It's what our nation is built upon! #conventionofstates
Here's a group photo of our Idaho team at the capitol in Boise! Just days after this rally, an Idaho legislative committee advanced the COS resolution by a wide margin! One of the biggest parts of making a difference is just showing up. That can be difficult in a big state like Idaho, especially when it means having to take off days from work. These COS volunteers believe in the mission and are willing to do what it takes to help restore America. #conventionofstates
Despite a winter storm that plunged the region into the single digits, about 50 COS Virginia volunteers traveled to Richmond to share the Convention of States message with Virginia legislators--much to the surprise of the legislators themselves! Our volunteers warmed up the capitol building with their large presence, visiting legislative offices, distributing COS educational materials, and even recruiting legislators to support their resolution. The Virginia team is demonstrating resilience and persistence as they work to build and mobilize the grassroots army. #conventionofstates
The Wisconsin team recently met at the capitol in Madison to engage with their state legislators and ask them to support COS. Did you know you can meet face-to-face with your state legislators? This is very different from our reps in Congress, who often represent millions of people and can't possibly meet all of them. That's why it's so important to call an Article V Convention of States to bring power closer to home. This is how we can have more of an impact on the decisions that are made, just as the Founders envisioned! It's part of what being a good citizen is all about. #conventionofstates
Last week volunteers for Convention of States South Carolina descended on the capitol in Columbia to encourage their legislators to vote YES for COS. Rep. Bill Taylor, the primary advocate for our resolution in the SC House, was one of the featured speakers as well as COS Senior Advisor Jim DeMint. A recent scientific study found that two-thirds of South Carolina residents favor a Convention of States! Isn't it time the South Carolina legislature listen to the people? #conventionofstates
Emails and phone calls to your local officials are great, but these COS volunteers in South Dakota are really going the extra mile! They got together to write personalized, handwritten letters to their state legislators, encouraging South Dakota lawmakers to support the Convention of States resolution. It's this kind of creativity that ensures our voices are heard! Does your state legislator support our resolution? Learn more at our website #conventionofstates