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As the 2018 legislative session gets nearer, the Idaho Convention of States team is reaching out to garner support from legislators throughout the state. On Wednesday, several COS supporters met with Senator Marv Hagedorn to discuss the COS resolution and how to move it forward.

Sen. Hagedorn expressed his support for the resolution and answered questions about the legislative process in Idaho. He emphasized the need to begin contacting state legislators now before the legislative session begins and the representatives are overwhelmed with work.

Above all else, he explained that calls and face-to-face contact with representatives are the most effective ways to raise awareness and gain support for the Convention of States. This is a testament to the true power of the grassroots. A simple 5-minute call once a month to your district representative significantly increases the chances of the resolution passing.
Dr. Tom Coburn visited Hawaii this past week and it was a great visit, the first-ever from a Convention of States headliner! The former U.S. Senator and Senior Advisor to Convention of States participated in two radio interviews, meetings with legislators, and a town hall. The Hawaii team gained some unexpected supporters and made unprecedented outreach through broader media exposure. #conventionofstates
Look who COS Michigan warriors ran into! It's @petehegseth of Fox & Friends Weekend! Pete is one of our most recent official endorsers and has given multiple reports on our progress to his national audience. We are so grateful for his enthusiastic support. Michigan is gearing up for a big push to pass our resolution, including a rally in Lansing on November 2. Visit to find out more. #conventionofstates
A grassroots hero meets her hero! Shirlee Meier is the Grassroots Coordinator for COS South Dakota. On her 70th birthday she drove to the other side of the state in her heavy duty pickup truck to organize a fantastic COS town hall . Recently she gave a powerful testimony before the South Dakota legislature in favor of the Convention of States resolution. She's a true American hero. Here she is pictured at the event she organized with COS President Mark Meckler. Shirlee is a recipient of the COS Challenge Coin, a rare and special honor for an extraordinary person dedicated to securing the blessings of liberty. #conventionofstates
"I absolutely support the Convention of States Project, designed for fulfilling the constitutional methodologies for protecting our rights. Yes, it can happen. And yes, it should happen. We should begin by completely restructuring the unconstitutional federal bureaucracy. Administrative agencies should not be making law. If you believe the people should decide instead of Washington D.C., then you should support the Convention of States Project." Thank you, Ben Shapiro! #conventionofstates
COS Senior Advisor Jim DeMint is in the KBOI-AM studio today with Nate Shelman talking about the only solution as big as the problem! Later Jim will be speaking at a big event tonight with Convention of States grassroots supporters. Visit for more info
Here's what happens when the people show up! COS California volunteers, including five constituents, recently visited with California Assemblyman Randy Voepel to educate him about our legislation and ask for his support. Assemblyman Voepel gladly agreed to support COS and will vote YES! Have you asked your state legislator to support COS? Names from back left: Lou Oberman, Assemblyman Voepel, Susanjane Alva, Shane Ridley, Brian Lantz. Front: Fred Yerrick, Carol Gooch, and Teresa O'Donnell #conventionofstates
What a day! Nearly 70 grassroots leaders representing 19 states descended on Nashville today for an action-packed Regional Training Meeting. These Convention of States volunteers received intensive training on grassroots difference makers, new tech tools, groundbreaking media promotion, and much more. These great patriots are building and mobilizing self-governing grassroots armies in their states as they work to pass our Article V resolution Who decides? We the People decide!  #conventionofstates
This weekend The MI COS team is working hard at the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference to talk to attendees and collect more petitions for their state.  Positive reaction from the grassroots fills the streets in response to our resolution recently passing through the House Committee.  Let's all work together to help this resolution pass in yet another state.  If you live in MI, make sure to go to the COS website and call your representative.
Send in your pictures and stories of COS volunteers/activists to or tag #conventionofstates #cosproject
We are passing identical Article V legislation across our great nation. 12 states have already successfully adopted our resolution, and dozens more are considering it! This is thanks to our 2 million dedicated supporters. If you're ready for an America with a balanced budget, limited taxation, no career politicians, and a people empowered to govern themselves, visit our website and learn what you can do to help us make history! #conventionofstates
Convention of States New York warriors had a blast at the Richmond County Fair educating people about the only constitutional solution as big as the problem. They signed up 173 new supporters for Convention of States! 
They even talked to some candidates for local office! Great work, COS New York!

Send in your COS story using the hashtag #conventionofstates
Last Friday Night, Mark Meckler, the President of Citizens for Self-Governance and the Convention of States Project, hosted Sirius Radio’s Patriot Tonight.  Tons of calls poured in from the grassroots on the three hour radio show from 9pm until midnight.  Not only was the show a great success for the promotion of the organization, but COS also got invited back on the show for a future date. 
In addition to his hit on Sirius Radio, last Saturday morning, Mark Meckler also appeared on Fox and Friends for the second time this month.  He was on with host, and COS supporter, Pete Hegseth.  Mark stated, “Pete is a great guy who just publicly endorsed COS.  Hopefully, we’ll have the chance to talk more about COS on Fox & Friends soon.”
Stay turned for more grassroots and legislative updates. Don't forget to tag #cosproject #cosproject  And if you like Mark's shirt visit our COS store at to get one yourself