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If I could freeze this stage, I would! 💙Every few months I think, “this is my favorite age!” but then the next just gets better. If this is motherhood, I’d say I’m pretty excited for the journey! #motherhood
First ice cream cone was a little more skeptical than I expected! 🤷🏻‍♀️🍦 #moreforme
Since we moved, our new Sunday routine has included these donuts from our farmers market. Buying a few extra for Monday morning has made the week start off on a sweeter note! 😉
What’s your trick to starting the week in a positive way?
#selfcare #mondaymotivation  #donuts
Happy Father’s Day to this “dada”! The way Graham lights up when he sees him and the way he does the same, makes my heart burst every time. ❤️
It takes a special man to raise 4 daughters. There’s a level of patience and reassurance that girls need throughout their life and knowing that there’s one man that will always be for them. I don’t know what we did to deserve this man but I sure am lucky he’s ours! Happy Father’s Day Dad! ❤️
We started the transition from breast milk to cows milk last week and it was much harder on me than him, I’m certain! I researched the best options and ended up turning to the same brand I’ve trusted for myself since before I was pregnant with him. @organicvalley Grassmilk is how it should be, plain and simple. Cows that eat a grain-free, #grassfed diet makes the most nutrient-rich and delicious milk. Seeing how happy he’s been in the transition has made this process much easier!

Because I love this brand I’ve teamed up with them to do a 🎉giveaway🎉

All you have to do to enter:
🐮Follow me and @organicvalley 🐮Comment with your favorite way to eat dairy! (Mine are ☕️🍨🧀🍕) Giveaway ends 6/17 and will be announced in the comments!
#giveaway #grazeawareness #organic #motherhood
I know it’s a bit “old-timey” but I love a classic wedge salad. It’s so refreshing and satisfying! Although traditionally speaking (hence the name) it’s served cut into a wedge, I much prefer round slices. This is purely for surface area for more toppings! I also added chicken for more of a complete meal. 
What are some other classic dishes that never seem to go out of style?
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything cooking related! I shared tonight’s dinner on my story because I just started playing with my new smoker and its easier than I anticipated! 😅 
Are these types of stories helpful? What would you want to see next?!
Yesterday was the perfect day to celebrate @amykfinn! Beautiful shower for a stunning bride-to-be! ❤️👰🏼
I’m not sure how we got here so fast, but our baby is officially ONE! 🎈🎉 Motherhood is inexplainable. Full of ups and downs, drastic changes of emotions, and the most love I could ever imagine. Watching Graham grow into his own personality has been such fun and I look forward to what this next year has in store for him! #firstbirthday
We had the best time celebrating our sweet boy this weekend! Cant believe he’s almost one! 😭🥳 #firstbirthday #smashcake
If I’m being honest, today has already been a day. Instead of feeling frustrated I’m choosing to write out my *must* do’s, have another cup of coffee and put everything into perspective. My (new) hydrangea bush may have been destroyed in last nights storm but now I can enjoy the beautiful blooms all over my house! #friday