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Amazing food and coffee experiences in Sydney and beyond! 🌎
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β€’ A L B E R T  C U Y P β€’ .
The Albert Cuyp markets are the largest daily markets in Europe. You can everything from fish to clothes and from fruit to Dutch cheese to stroopwafels like the ones we got in this photo! Stroopwafels are waffles made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. These ones are giant stroopwafels with toppings - you can usually only get these at bakeries and these markets as the grocery stores only carry the smaller ones. When in Amsterdam, make sure you visit these markets and eat lots of stroopwafels! 
Stay tuned for more photos of my travel adventures!
β€’ H I L L S  O R G A N I C S β€’ .
@hillsorganics makes nutritious super delicious! Their menu features dishes that are so yummy, you won't believe that they're good for you! We tried the scrambled eggs, avo on toast and the waffles with their signature coco whip which was πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Their drink selection is so extensive - our favourite was the beetroot latte! ☺ Additionally, this cafe is also a healthy grocery store so you can have a healthy meal and stock up on groceries! Thanks for a lovely meal @hillsorganics, we can't wait to return!! #invite #hillsorganics #coolbeans #cpmonlinemarketing
β€’ M O R O C C A N  F E A S T β€’ .
This beautiful spread of traditional Moroccan dips and bread, mains cooked and served in a tajine and ending with a Moroccan donut (Sfenj) and Mint Tea served in the coolest cups! We didn't know what to expect when we had Moroccan food for the first time but we were pleasantly surprised by the food @moroccanfeast_randwick  and the excellent service, especially Tal who took care of us and suggested all of these delicious dishes. Thanks for #invite @omptymedia! #teampixel
Throwback to this awesome pizza and wine @flamingoloungesydney! The perfect place to be on a Friday night! Thanks,  @flamingoloungesydney and @societypizzeria for a great night! ✌️🏻 #invite #flamingoloungesydney #teampixel
@vivaldikitchen is everything we love about Italian food - simple, authentic and absolutely delicious! Not to mention, Raff is an absolutely incredible host! Check out the link in bio to read our review of Vivaldi Kitchen ✌️🏻 Thanks to @omptymedia and @vivaldikitchen for the #invite #omptymedia #vivaldikitchen #coolbeanslife
Love love love the @google_pixel2 camera! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thanks @google - This was the droid we were looking for! #teampixel #invite
Thanks a lot @google for having us at the #pixel2 launch party! Brilliant event, brilliant venue, and brilliant people! Seriously so impressed with the @google_pixel2 and uber excited to be part of #teampixel. We’ll be spamming you all with pics from the #pixel2 because this camera quality is too good to not show off! ✌️🏻☺️#invite #gifted
β€’ K A N S A S. C I T Y  S H U F F L E β€’ .
Making my way into work with a beautiful freshly made V60 filter from @kansascityshufflesyd featuring @single_o roasters. This was a nice soothing start to the morning with the notes of Jasmin, Mandarin and Peach from the Ethiopian Shakiso blend. How do you start your morning?
β€’ THE  STINKING  ROSE β€’ . . .
. 'We season our garlic with food.' This is the official mantra of @thestinkingrosesf - famous for including garlic as an ingredient for all of its dishes! From the bread and relish on the table before the main meals all the way to dessert with garlic ice cream. 🍨
It caters for every palate from truly adventurous to a garlic novice like me! The decor is reason enough to go. Garlic isn't just on the menu but also used for decor on the ceilings with Chianti bottles and in every nook and cranny! Swipe right to see photos! If you're in San Francisco, I'd highly recommend that you follow your nose to The Stinking Rose - you won't  regret it! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
β€’ S I G H T  G L A S S β€’ .
Throwback to exploring the San Francisco pier with a coffee in hand from @sightglass on a bright sunny day! I love trying and finding new coffee roasters while on holiday, do you like exploring on holidays?
β€’ H I G H E R  G R O U N D β€’ .
Before we went to Melbourne, we had a @trelloapp list of all the places we'd like to eat and drink coffee and @highergroundmelbourne was at the top! And it did not disappoint ✌️🏻Thanks for the suggestion @tess_presso 😊
β€’ V I V E  L A  T A R T β€’
. .
Throwback to this awesome latte and peach tart combo @vivelatarte πŸ™ŒπŸ» I would HIGHLY recommend the SF cheesecake here! We loved it so much that we didn't even wait to take a photo before devouring it!!