COPIC AWARD 2019 is an event aimed at providing an opportunity to connect Copic fans from all over the world. Visit official site for more details.

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#repost @erinnicholls_artist
My  artwork "Red Light" has arrived back from being exhibited in Tokyo 🇯🇵 for the @copic_award . It is now available to buy through @bluethumbart . See my bio or DM/comment for more info.
We received a comment from Grace Netanya(Grand Prize winner)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I am so grateful and happy to have been chosen as the Grand Prize winner of the international COPIC AWARD competition 2019! As an artist, there is no greater joy then to know that the story in my art has reached the heart of others. My thanks to the judges, to the Copic staff, and to the .Too corporation for hearing my artistic voice.


本日は映えあるグランプリに選ばれたグレース・ネタニヤさん受賞の喜びコメントをご紹介します! 🎤「国際的なコンテストであるCOPIC AWARD 2019で、わたしの作品が最優秀賞に選ばれたことをとても嬉しく思います。アーティストとして、作品の持つストーリーが皆さんの心に届いたということ以上の喜びはありません。アーティストとしての想いを受け止めてくださった審査員の皆さま、Copicスタッフの皆さま、そして株式会社Tooに感謝いたします。」 喜びのコメントをインスタにさらにアップしてくれています!
We received a comment from Ashley Hewlett(winner of Judges' Award selected by Junko Koshino)! 🎤Prize winning comment:

I was completely elated to not only receive a Judges Award, but to even be accepted as a finalist.  I only recently started using markers as medium in December when I received my first set of Copic markers for Christmas. This drawing was one of the first few pieces that I created with them, and let me just say that I am already addicted. What Junko Koshino stated about taking everyday things for granted was actually a big part of what inspired this drawing.  I love finding patterns in everyday items be it an organized box of macaroons or a candy machine full of gumballs. What can I say? I have a bit of a sweet tooth. She's completely right in urging me to continue expanding my focus. It will allow me to challenge myself and grow as an artist.  Thanks so much Copic and Junko!


コシノジュンコ審査員賞に選ばれたアシュレーヒューレットさんに受賞の喜びコメントをいただきました! 🎤「最終選考に残っただけでもすごいのに、審査員賞を受賞することができて、大変嬉しく思います。実は私がコピックを使い始めたのは昨年12月のクリスマス、プレゼントとしてコピックマーカーのセットをもらってからで、それが私にとって初めてのコピックでした。受賞作品はコピックで描いた最初の数枚のうちの1枚なのです。今や、すっかりコピックに夢中です。

We received a comment from Hoshimi (Second Place winner)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I'm extremely honored to be receiving such an amazing award. I'm glad I did not stop drawing - Also I'm grateful that I could find Copic. Above all, I want to say thank everyone who supported me. I'll make further efforts to keep getting better. 🎤About entry:
This is a scene that the girl with a machine heart has revived by the power of plants. She is glowing full of holy light of green. This piece became the reason why I began to re-acknowledge the pleasure of expressing the lights. Also depicting the rusty parts or background were quite challenging and rewarding.

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映えある準グランプリに選ばれたほしみさんにコメントをいただきましたのでご紹介します! 🎤入賞のコメント
この経験を力に今後の作品制作にもより魂を込めていきたいです。」 🎤エントリーしていただいた作品のポイントやお話など
光だけでなく、錆の表現や背景の描き込みへの挑戦など私にとって思い入れ深い作品です。」 審査員の方の講評コメントはこちらからご覧ください👀

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#repost @rodrigomatiasart
Right after finish College, I wanted to give something special to my mom on her birthday, so I did a painting to she put at the balcony, first time I worked on canvas and used an airbrush. She loved it!!! But, sadly was the last gift I ever gave to her. In the past months, she was diagnostic with cancer and a couple months later, she passed away.
When I decided to participate of the @copic_award I knew I wanted to do something meaningful to me, so what better than a new version of my 5 years ago painting! I'm really happy with the result and honored to be in the Final, especially with this drawing! It means a lot to me and I'm looking forward to the results! .
Logo após terminar a faculdade, eu queria dar algo especial de aniversário para minha mãe, então eu fiz uma pintura para ela colocar na varanda, primeira vez que trabalhei em tela e usei um aerógrafo. Ela adorou!!! Mas infelizmente, foi o último presente que dei a ela. Nos meses seguintes ela foi diagnosticada com câncer e apenas alguns meses depois, ela faleceu.
Quando eu decidi participar do @copic_award eu sabia que queria fazer algo significativo para mim, e o que melhor do que uma nova versão da minha pintura de 5 anos atrás! Estou muito feliz com o resultado e honrado por estar na Final, especialmente com este desenho! Significa muito para mim e estou ansioso pelo resultado!  #art #drawing #illustration #copic #copicaward #copicmarkers #eusoudezaina
We received a comment from Rodrigo Matias(Second Place winner)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I feel so privileged and honored to have come to Japan and participate in the COPIC AWARD 2019, ceremony of a company as renowned as Too Corporation, even more so with an artwork so special to me. It was a unique experience and I will never forget!

#copicaward #copic

映えある準グランプリに選ばれたロドリゴ・マティアスさんに受賞の喜びのコメントをいただきました! 🎤「日本を訪れ、著名な企業である株式会社Tooのコピックアワード 2019授賞式に参加できたことをとても光栄に思います。ユニークな経験を通じて、作品がより特別なものになりなものになりました。このことを忘れることは決してないでしょう!」 審査員の方を代表して、松下計先生にコメントをいただきましたのでぜひご覧ください!👀

#repost @yagyu.nao

#発達障害 #自閉症スペクトラム #アスペルガー症候群 #10歳 #5年生 #コピック #copic #copicaward
種村有菜審査員賞を受賞されましたユエさんより、早速賞品が届いたご報告をいただきましたー!ありがとうございます😊✨ #repost @y_u_e
#COPICAWARD 種村有菜審査員賞を頂きまして、トロフィーとなんと種村有菜先生のサイン入りコピックセット届きました… ありがとうございます…!!!
We received a comment from Pooh (winner of Judges' Award selected by pixiv)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I’m honored to receive the Pixiv award. First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me on online/offline. I'd like to extend my range of expression with Copic and hope to create more artworks in different styles. 🎤About entry:
When preparing my piece, I placed importance on feeling of transparency and color vividness which Copic has. I've added some transparency feels with BG0000 and V0000 all over the artwork and made gradations by using bright B and V color families in contrast. Hope you'll enjoy the color combinations and girl's lovely outfit.

pixiv賞を受賞されたぷぅさんより喜びのコメントをご紹介します! 🎤入賞のコメント
このような機会をいただき本当にありがとうございました。」 🎤エントリーしていただいた作品のポイントやお話など
全体にBG0000とV0000を使って透明感を出して、鮮やかなB系とVB系でグラデーションを作りました。衣装と配色を楽しめるように仕上げた作品です。」 ピクシブ株式会社取締役、清水千年さんの審査コメントはこちらからご覧ください!👀
We received a comment from Gaburiism Gaburimerry (winner of Judges' Award selected by Kei Matsushita)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I think this is the first time since elementary school that I'm given the prize for my artwork. I realized again how fun creating art is or express myself.
It's an honor just to be nominated as finalist. I’d like to challenge myself to many different things! 🎤About entry:
I carefully selected some of my favorite colors from a large color selection of Copic and focused on coloring with each solid color rather than using blending or gradation technique. Also, I want you to pay attention to the movement of lines. Everything I love is pretty much packed inside of this piece.

#copicaward #copic

松下計審査員賞を受賞された、ガブリズム・ガブリメリーさんからの喜びのコメントをご紹介します! 🎤入賞のコメント
これからもっとたくさんのことにチャレンジしていきます!」 🎤エントリーしていただいた作品のポイントやお話など
また、線そのものも楽しめるような作品に仕上げました。好きなものを詰め込んだ作品です。」 審査員の方の講評コメントはこちらからご覧ください👀
We received a comment from Yue (winner of Judges' Award selected by Arina Tanemura)!👑 🎤Prize winning comment:
I’m deeply pleased and surprised to receive this prestigious award from Judge Tanemura, known for her wonderfully delicate style. As I saw all the finalist entries are exhibited together, I realized just how powerful each original work truly is. I earnestly hope everybody to know what an amazing marker Copic is. 🎤About entry:
Who is the dreamer? Maybe both are seeing the same dream together? Or is this a 3rd person perspective? There could be more than one answer. I'd be glad if you could find your own answer.

#copicaward #copic

種村有菜審査員賞を受賞された、ユエさんより喜びのコメントをいただきました! 🎤入賞のコメント
コピックの魅力がこれからも広まっていくよう願っています!」 🎤エントリーしていただいた作品のポイントやお話など
自分なりの考えを作品から見つけ出してもらえると嬉しいです。」 種村先生の講評コメントはこちらからご覧ください👀 ✍️種村有菜先生に頂いたコメントで、「すごく丁寧に描けば、画力がなくても表現力がなくても見る人に何かをうったえかけるものは絶対にあるので、とにかく丁寧に描くことが大切」と仰っていたことがとても心に響きました。

We received a comment from Chihiro Yagyu (Future Generation Art Prize: Grand Prize winner)! 🎤Prize winning comment:
I appreciate that I could get such an honorable award. Thank you! I'm very happy my hard work paid off, also it's great to know many people liked my artwork. That encourages me a lot. 🎤About entry:
I tried to create something exciting and fun to make everyone happy. I value originality in my artwork, I'm putting a lot of thought into the color combinations and details.


2108作品の中から見事次世代アーティスト賞を受賞された、柳生千裕くんからコメントをご紹介します! 🎤入賞のコメント
コツコツと頑張って描いた自分の作品が評価され、たくさんの方々に見て頂けた事がとても嬉しいです!」 🎤エントリーしていただいた作品のポイントやお話など
「見た人が楽しくワクワクする様な作品を目指しました、配色や細かな書き込みやセリフ等オリジナリティを大切にしています。」 審査員の方の講評コメントはこちらからご覧ください👀