COPIC AWARD 2019 is an event aimed at providing an opportunity to connect Copic fans from all over the world. Visit official site for more details.

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repost:@tatyana_savin_masenznik I've sent my axolotle to the Copic award. Please support me with your likes :) . The link is in the profile. Check it out 😁
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I entered this in a competition for Copic markers! Go check it out guys! I’ll have the link posted in my bio c: I dont have too high of hopes, but might as well give it a shot c: 
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COPIC AWARD Q&A⁉️ Work page. 
Q:What does "Like" on SUBMITTED ENTRIES page mean?❤️🤔
A:The "Like" feature is simple in nature. Viewers click "Like" to communicate what they think about the entry. Click the "Like" when you want to show your support for the entry, or when you think the entry is impressive. 👍❤️ Q:What does "Key Colors" on SUBMITTED ENTRIES page mean?🌈🤔
A:"Key Colors" means the colors being used most frequently or the colors that represent the significant aspect of the entry.Check out and see how Copic artists are seriously committed to the choice of color.🌈🌈
COPIC AWARD 2019 opens for entries today (Dec 3, 2018)!🎉🎉
The entries will sequentially be available to the public on the AWARD official site.
Let's get connected with Copic fans around the globe through your artwork!

COPIC AWARD entry start is now less than a day!✨🌈
New award!U-18!
Prize:Full 358 set of Copic Sketch markers.

COPIC AWARD poster,leaflet,pop🌿
It is pasted all over the world. Also in a shop in your city... コピックアワードのポスター、リーフレット、ポップです🌿
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In case you missed this, the official website for Copic Award 2019 now is open.

Visit the official website and check out the rules, eligibility and the dead line. .
Grand prize is $5000 USD cash, round trip airline tickets to Tokyo (for the award ceremony) and accommodation and complete set of Copic Sketch markers. 
Check out their official account @copic_award for more info.
Kindly read FAQ at the website before approaching their support. 
1.Mr. Oliver Neuland: Philosophy of Rendering in Industrial Design
2.Mr. Eisaku Kubonouchi: Live Drawing Session
3.Mr. Philip Tan: “American Comics” Drawing Session
4.Ms. Kazuya Minekura:Live Drawing Session

All the beautiful artworks won the COPIC AWARD were exhibited at the event. Also the live drawing sessions and workshops designed to offer some incredible technique on Copic coloring/drawing were carried out.
Here are some pictures from the live drawing sessions by Mr. Oliver Neuland (jury for Art & Design category of COPIC AWARD), Mr. Eisaku Kubonouchi (famous Japanese manga artist/illustrator) and Mr. Philip Tan (leading comic book artist known for his works on Green Lantern, Batman & Robin, etc).✨ 1.マーカーレンダリングとデザインの哲学 / オリバー・ノイランド氏
2.窪之内英策氏によるライブドローイング / 窪之内英策氏
3.「アメコミ」ライブドローイング / フィリップ・タン氏
4.最遊記描き下ろしライブドローイング / 峰倉かずや氏


All three Grand Prize winners of COPIC AWARD 2017 (Mr. Nigel Muller from Netherlands, Mr. Chen Yuming and Ms. Yu-Shan Huang from Taiwan) were invited to Tokyo and attended the awarding ceremony took place on April 2018, as a part of the Copic Thanks Party event!( 💐

2017年に開催されたコピックアワードでは、オランダのナイジェル・ミュラーさん、台湾の陳裕旻(チン・ユーミン)さん、黃于珊(ハン・ユーシャン)さん3名の受賞者を日本にお呼びし、「Copic Thanks Party」(会場内で授賞式を行いました!💐
COPIC AWARD 2017 Winner  Illustration Grand Prize👑
Invisible by YUMING CHEN Taiwan

COPIC AWARD 2017 イラストレーション大賞👑
Invisible by 陳裕旻 台湾

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