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My spidey senses led me to find an art gallery in a chapel today... and also huge amounts of awesome work on the walls at the Autograph Collection in the hotel @hermitage_gantois in Lille.
The hotel is an artwork itself!; a mix of modern architecture and a 500 year old building beautifully restored 😍 heavenly...
My new fave graffer (discovered in Cologne/Köln) 😁 ... check his work out, it's wicked ⚡️@frank_zappel
Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd and hip hop and Rage Against The Machine and Cypress Hill • photo by @fabianaferraro18 ✨
I bloody love you two❤️
Caramel Mama @katee_harrison & 8th Wonder of the World @grantdegroot ...Hotel shenanigans in Paris 😍
@janetskatesart your art speaks to my soul!
533 steps.
...For the best view of Cologne you'll ever see 😍
Well, besides the Hohenzollern Bridge ❤️🔒
We sang Nelly & Kelly's "Dilemma" pretty much the whole way up 😂
Come stand a little bit closer
Breathe in and get a bit higher
You'll never know what hit you
When I get to you...
- Art by François-Henri Golland
This time last year I was living at my mums cause my partner & I had broken up and I couldn't look after myself properly due to having a half broken neck, lying in bed all day everyday not eating cause I was so fucking depressed, listening to docs telling me I might not walk again, taking 5 different drugs that messed me up so bad that I couldn't see straight... I was feeling so low I couldn't even muster up the energy or will to cry, pushing away and ignoring everyone who called my phone, hating myself, hating my life, begging the universe to give me one chance to prove I deserved some happiness, asking why I had to continually suffer when I had suffered consistently from such a young age... when you've experienced these feelings you'll never in your life forget them... my counsellor asked me why I was so understanding of other people's problems even when they hurt me and why wasn't I kind to myself? I said I don't know. And from then I decided to be kindest to myself because I was the one that needed it... I needed my energy, I needed my focus, and I needed my mental strength to push myself. My self pity wasn't cute. I was the only one who could change my life. I was in control of how I reacted to the events that happened to me. From the day I decided to "recover" (i.e. the day I decided not to end my life and actually try one last time to make it work) I started taking photos of everyday and saving them all in a folder on Facebook to remind myself how many days I had gotten through and how much I had achieved even when depressed and ill. It's so cool to look back now... and it's so cool to have genuine love and respect for myself and not care what anyone thinks... just doing what makes me happy! I love these deep reflections that hit me sometimes... I feel so grateful for everything I have... friends, family, my body, my strengths, my empathy, my passions, my LIFE... so grateful everyday and it inspires me to live everyday to the full (sometimes that requires staying in bed all day and that's ok too!!) I know I ramble and am so smushy & cheesy but I feel I have been given a 2nd chance at life... but this time I won't let it slip through my fingers ❤️💜
Hairdo #3 and I'm not receiving the results Solène promised me (she said her makeovers would help find me a husband 😂...)... might ask for a refund of that Monopoly money I paid with 😗
I've already planned it; this is how it's gonna be,
I'm gonna love you and you're gonna fall in with me...
- art by François-Henri Galland... so soft and sensual and romantic, I'm in love with his style 💛
Winter lights in Lille 💜
Lundi mardi mercredi jeudi vendredi samedi dimanche... autocollants sur une porte 😁