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Delightfully crisp and fruity sparkling wine. Each drop passes through a pure gold filtration system. Enjoy chilled and celebrate with us.

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In desperate need for some vitamin sea!  Can't we just skip today and fast forward to the next vacation? 🐚 #CosmoDiva
Tropical times! Sand between our toes, palm trees keeping us cool and the sound of the ocean in our ears. That's the perfect setup to relax and sip our newest Cosmo flavor... 😏 Can you guess which one it is?
Dear Easter Bunny, 
This year could you please fill my eggs with bubbles and good times and deliver them to everyone that I love. Thank you. 😏
Tchin, tchin - à votre santé - saluti!  Happy Friday!
They said go with the season, so I brought out the yellow bubbles. 💁
Time for a vacation!  Take us with you wherever you go! 🥂
Well behaved women seldom make history 🥂
This is perfection.  Strawberry Mint bringing the passion! 🥂
While spring is being a total tease, enjoy some sunshine in a glass with Cosmopolitan Diva Melon from your local @pawinespirits store!
How’s the weather where you’re at?!
Who wants to join us in a gondola right through Venice, Italy?! 🥂
Fresh fruit filtered through real gold. We do luxury right 🥂