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See what's growing in the gardens around the club in Salt Lake City.

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Pictured here is a beautiful pale pink magenta Cherry Blossom Helleborus. Helleborus hybrid is a shrub like perennial with leathery leaves and beautiful downward nodding flowers. It grows best in naturalized woodland gardens, in part shade. Bloom time is late winter to early spring. Find our Helleborus around the clubhouse and near the #5Tee Box.  #helleborus
Anemone blanda Windflowers are a daisy-like flower that grow above a delicate ferny foliage. This white and blue blend is adorable. We have this planted around the Putting Green near the Pro Shop.
#anemoneblanda #windflowers
Puschkinia scilloides var libanotica or Striped Squill is a dainty little bulb. The white flowers have a delicate blue stripes. It's easy and reliable in a sunny location with little afternoon shade and can last a long time. The blooming time for this little beauty is early spring. Find these on the backside of the Centennial Wall at #6 Tee box
Blossoms I get to work around in the greenhouse today.  I may cut them all off to encourage stronger plants, but such beauty shouldn't go unnoticed. 
First Lady Bug of the season! Look at her eating the aphids on this pepper! I💜Lady Bugs🐞! #ladybugs
We have Matrix Pansies and a lovely Flowering Cabbage (Brassica oleracea 'Pigeon Purple') here at the guard station. The deer view this as an all you can eat buffet, so I've sprayed them with hot pepper sauce.  All they need is one taste and the deer stay away! #matrixpansy #millerhotsauce #pansymatrix #brassicaoleraceapigeonpurple #floweringcabbage
Crocus vernus 'Hocus Crocus' are standing up tall a few more days. Find them at the Centennial Wall and the end cap bed of the employee parking lot.  #hocuscrocus #crocus
It's transplant time! 2,700 seedlings arrived this week.  #transplanttime #plantitup #geraniumfantasiapurplesizzle
Iris histrioides George is a lovely deep purple fragrant miniature Iris that grows from a bulb. It blooms with Snowdrops and Winter Wolf's Bane, popping out of the ground 6" tall in spring as soon as frosts become irregular and the ground warms a bit. The display is brief, but if the bulbs are planted thickly and in quantity, they put on a memorable show. Give them a location in full sun where the soil is very well drained. #irishistriodes
The count down to spring has begun! Find these Crocus at the entrance wall.  They are beautifully appearing as the snow melts away.  #hocuscrocus
The first of my plugs arrived this week! Let the planting begin! #babyplants #ipomoeasolartowerblack #verbenaendurascapered #thunbergiasunnylemonstar #ipomoeasolartowerlime
Finally stopped snowing here.  Looks like a solid 8.5"