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See what's growing in the gardens around the club in Salt Lake City.

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Leucanthemum x superbum Alaska Shasta Daisy is a fun perennial in the right spot.  Hardy to -30°F.  18 - 24" x 14 - 18". Grow these in the sun! Profuse, exceptionally large 3" across blossoms make excellent cut flowers.  Blossoms will attract butterflys to the garden. Cut faded flower stems down to the next visible bud to promote rebloom. We have these around the clubhouse. 
Ipomoea batatas SolarPower Black and Lime Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine is hardy to 45°F. It has a beautiful mounding to spreading form.  Drought and Heat Tolerant, Colorful/Attractive Foliage, Low Maintenance. For the waterfall over a wall look space 18 - 30" apart.  Ipomoea is 10 - 12"x 24 - 36". Partial Sun, Sun. Medium vigor and a well-branched habit. Most efficient in production.
SolarPower’s tidy habit is a great solution for northern regions and small pots.
We have this growing at the Mixed Grill Wall. 
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Lantana camara 'Lucky Lavender'
Is one of my favourite plants in the garden.  So reliable it has never let me down. This series has 3 plants from smallest to largest:
'Little Lucky' 10-12"x10-12" 'Lucky' 12-16"x12-14" 'Landmark' 15-20"x18-24"
In our gardens this year we have Little Lucky Peach Glow,  Lucky Lavender, Lucky Lemon Glow, Lucky Flame and Landmark Sunrise Rose. Lucky performs great in the heat, and can tolerate that dry.  By mid summer these plants are covered in balls of color. They work well in the landscape and in container. Hardy to 32°F. No need to deadhead! Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Poisonous, Scented Foliage, Heat Tolerant. All great qualities. 
#Luckylavender #growninacowpot
Celosia ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is a fun texture plant for the garden.  It produces blazing feathery plumelike deep red flowers with green-red foliage. 20-24"x14-16". Great cut flowers. Grows best in morning sun and afternoon shade.  We have this growing happily at the Mixed Grill and not so happily at #4 and #12.
Dahlia XXL Aztec Veracruz was voted ''Best of Show'' in 2015 at the Annual and Perennial Trials at the Colorado State University, and no wonder they are a beautifully formed plant at 18-24″x 18-24″. The blossoms are large and bicolor. Purple pink edges to white in the center. Blossoms can grow up to 6″, blooming all season long, whether you dead head or not. They prefer full sun, and can handle our hot summer heat. These are happily growing along the Centennial Wall at the entrance. The key to growing these beauties is rich soil and even moisture. Dahlias are perennial in Zones 8–10. Where they are not hardy, Dahlias can be overwintered indoors.
Petchoa SuperCal Cherry is a cross between petunia and calibrachoa. Capturing the best features of both to make gorgeous, easy to grow flower plants.  They have a wide tolerance for soil pH that makes for easy growing. Vibrant and unique bloom colors and non-sticky leaves keep plants looking clean.  Beautiful  2" blooms all season long, with excellent heat tolerance, and even cool weather as we approach autumn.  They even bounce back after rain storms! Ideal for hanging baskets, mixed containers, and garden beds. These self-cleaning plants look beautiful all season long. No Deadheading ever! 12"x 10-12" find these at the Mixed Grill and in the baskets on the bridge at 18.
Salvia Mystic Spires Improved is a new plant this year.  18-24"x 18-20". Spent blossoms now naturally fall away. No dead heading needed.  Thrives in our got summer heat and braches well naturally.  Won ‘Best of Category at the 2017 Colorado State University Trials. 
We have this growing happily all over the grounds. 
#growninacowpot #attractsbees
Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Bloom' is loved by our hummingbirds here at the club.  The color combination is unique and beautiful in the garden. It can thrive in heat,  and drought. A fast grower and easy to take care of.  My only problem is when the deer walk through that beds and their tummys snap these plants at the soil base.  Can grow 36-48"x 36-48" loves full sun. Find these at the intersection near 16 Tee and #4 Restroom.
#salviaguaranitica #blackandbloom 
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Solenostemon scutellarioides 'French Quarter' has lovely colors and patterns, it prefers full shade but can handle some morning sun. These are promoted as sun to shade so I tried them in both. I don't think the growers took in to account our high elevation scorching sun. These guys are very late to never flowering which is huge in the coleus world. Once they flower they virtually stop growing but coleus aren't grown for flowers they're  grown for leaves! So cut off any flower buds you see. These leaves are pink, magenta and green. Find these growing extremely well at the Mixed Grill and happy at #12 and the Back Patio, and not s0 happily at #4. #Solenostemonscutellarioides
#Solenostemonscutellarioidesfrenchquarter #frenchquarter #coleus #growninacowpot
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Robinia idahoensis 'Purple Robe' planted today in front of the clubhouse.  May you live longer than the previous tree who was hit by the Nicholas truck driver. 
These trees can grow up to 40' but this one won't with it's roots living in a box.  They tolerate heat, cold, poor soil add drought. They have graceful small leaflets reddish new growth and large purple pink showy flowers in the late spring.  Deep watering recommended.
2017 All-America Selections Flower Winner, Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor is amazing! The first verbena that can tolerate drought and heat and survive cooler temperatures down to the low teens. This long-blooming verbena is spectacular in the landscape, edging a walk or border as well as in large containers and baskets. Vigorous plants are sturdy spreaders that pop with abundant soft pink blossoms that darken in intensity toward the center of the bloom. We have ours growing all around the parking lot and in the baskets on the bridge at 18. #2017allamericaselections
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Liatris spicata 'Kobold' is a small, compact, upright, cultivar which typically grows 2-2.5' tall. Commonly called blazing star, or gayfeather. Tolerant of summer heat. This perennial is located in the back of the clubhouse towards the Little Restaurant. #liatrisspicata #LiatrisspicataKobold