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See what's growing in the gardens around the club in Salt Lake City.

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Solenostemon scutellarioides 'French Quarter' has lovely colors and patterns, it prefers full shade but can handle some morning sun. These are promoted as sun to shade so I tried them in both. I don't think the growers took in to account our high elevation scorching sun. These guys are very late to never flowering which is huge in the coleus world. Once they flower they virtually stop growing but coleus aren't grown for flowers they're  grown for leaves! So cut off any flower buds you see. These leaves are pink, magenta and green. Find these growing extremely well at the Mixed Grill and happy at #12 and the Back Patio, and not s0 happily at #4. #Solenostemonscutellarioides
#Solenostemonscutellarioidesfrenchquarter #frenchquarter #coleus
Robinia idahoensis 'Purple Robe' planted today in front of the clubhouse.  May you live longer than the previous tree who was hit by the Nicholas truck driver. 
These trees can grow up to 40' but this one won't with it's roots living in a box.  They tolerate heat, cold, poor soil add drought. They have graceful small leaflets reddish new growth and large purple pink showy flowers in the late spring.  Deep watering recommended.
2017 All-America Selections Flower Winner, Verbena EnduraScape™ Pink Bicolor is amazing! The first verbena that can tolerate drought and heat and survive cooler temperatures down to the low teens. This long-blooming verbena is spectacular in the landscape, edging a walk or border as well as in large containers and baskets. Vigorous plants are sturdy spreaders that pop with abundant soft pink blossoms that darken in intensity toward the center of the bloom. We have ours growing all around the parking lot and in the baskets on the bridge at 18. #2017allamericaselections
#AllAmericaSelectionsFlowerWinner #aaswinner #2017aaswinner #VerbenaEnduraScapePinkBicolor  #verbenaenduraScape
Liatris spicata 'Kobold' is a small, compact, upright, cultivar which typically grows 2-2.5' tall. Commonly called blazing star, or gayfeather. Tolerant of summer heat. This perennial is located in the back of the clubhouse towards the Little Restaurant. #liatrisspicata #LiatrisspicataKobold
Verbena bonariensis Meteor Shower is heat and drought tolerant and deer resistance. It has a denser, more vigorous growth habit than the species and does not require deadheading. 20-30" x 8-12" It won't invade like most verbenas bonariensis. Use as a flowering thriller in containers and massed in the landscape. Today on the 4th it looks like fireworks to me. 
#verbenabonariensis #growninacowpot #deerresistant
Celosia spicata 'Kosmo' Cherry is 8"x8". It is a genetically dwarfed with beautifully proportioned leaves and flower spike.  Excellent garden performer.  We have them growing at the restroom near 12. #celosiaspicata #celosiaspicatakosmo
Before and After. We removed Mountain Mahogany and installed 2 Picea abies 'Cupressina' and 4 Spiraea bumalda 'Superstar'
#piceaabiescupressina #spiraeabumalda #spiraeabumaldasuperstar
Achillea 'Moonshine' Yarrow
Deer and rabbit resistant, fragrant. 18"x 24" highly adaptable to soil and water needs. Achillea Moonshine's distinctive silver-gray foliage is a fine backdrop for the lemon-yellow flower clusters that keep coming all summer. Deadhead in summer; cut back in spring. A sterile, non-reseeding variety. Find ours on the roof top garden, our the island by #12 Restroom.
#achilleamoonshine #yarrow #deerresistantplants
Bracteantha bracteatum or Strawflower Dreamtime®  is a mounding 10 - 12" x 10 - 12". Likes morning sun and afternoon shade and doesn't like to dry out. 
These Jumbo Yellow blooms have a papery feeling, like a dried flower. Ours are growing by the 16 Tee.
#strawflower #dreamtimejumboyellow
4D™ Osteospermum are one of my new favorite flowers this summer.  They always look so happy and bright, blooming 24/7. 4D has improved branching over 3D, for masses of blooms and better series uniformity.
8 - 12" x 12 - 16" Although it's said they like full sun, afternoon shade never hurts in Utah, our afternoon sun is very intense. 
Pictured here is Lemon Ice, Violet Ice, Berry White and Sunburst
Scabiosa columbaria Butterfly Blue. 2000 Perennial Plant of the Year. 2" pincushion like flowers.  They attract butterflies and bloom from May to frost. 12"x12" with flowers growing above that base. Look for these around the clubhouse.
#scabiosacolumbaria #pincushionflower #butterflyblue #perennialplantoftheyear
Pullsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'  these  Pasque Flowers were blooming the first of April.  If you leave the flowers alone they turn into something you'd have thought Dr. Seuess created.  A fantastic green fuzz ball! 8"x15" with flower stalks to 15". These little beauties are found back by the Mixed Grill. #pullsatillavulgaris
#pullsatillavulgarisalba #pasqueflower #pasqueflowers #pasqueflowerseedheads