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Stay at home mom to three little boys, love to cook, sew, garden, read and run. oh, and basketball 🏀 I love my Tar Heels!!! Homeschool @lyons_academy

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We got to meet up with @drewby77 on our uptown date while the big boys are at science class at discovery place.
Not too bad for February! #the🦁sboys
January Reads: I read May B and enjoyed the verse form and Little House vibe so much I read it aloud to the boys too.  The Hate U Give is amazing and gives you so much to think about.  It should be required reading for Americans. Wild Child led to a rabbit hole stack of nature books from the library.  I loved White Rose, of course, with my love for WWII fiction. Appreciate the POV of a German resisting the  Nazi’s (reminds me a little of Ken Follet’s ‘Winter of the World’). Still Me was an enjoyable finish to the trilogy, just fun and easy. I ate up the dark humor of As I Lay Dying and am so glad I finally got around to Faulkner again.  Nancy Drew’s first novel was super fun and a little silly but I haven’t read one since grade school. ****I usually don’t add audiobooks here but Wonder was too good not to.  The boys and I were obsessed and can’t wait to start the next book. **Also, I think I’m doing a crazy challenge for 2019.  I heard Anne Bogel’s  podcast about reading a century of books in a year (one from every year 1920-2019) and I just can’t let go of the idea.  I read about 60 books last year but I think I can do it if I avoid all the 600+ pagers (which I love, but it’s just a year). I have lots of ideas for some great books I’ve missed and a few I haven’t read in years that I’d like to revisit.  I read the Nancy Drew for 1930 and then realized my kindle version plot matched the 1959 rewrite, so I took that as a divine sign I was meant to read Faulkner for my 1930 selection. 😉 I’ve wanted to be more intentional with what I read and get more modern classics read so this fits the bill. I figure if this stops being fun I’ll give it up, but for now it is thrilling for me! I do love a good list of books!
#courts26bwbub #courtscenturyofbooks
Jack and Sean made us dinner last night! They are both becoming so capable in the kitchen.
*favorites for the year are highlighted in my stories* No matter how many you read, that “to read” pile never seems to get any smaller! 😉 it was a great year in books, as I really made an effort to replace screen time with more reading.  December reads were The Woman in the Photo which was great.  I learned a ton about the Johnstown Flood, Clara Barton and more about the Pittsburgh elites (Carnegie, Frick and Mellon). Midwives was really good, but I do think I like Sandcastle Girls a little better. The Marriage Lie was for book club and it was a fun, fast paced thriller.  After You was a great follow up to Me Before You and i’m looking to reading the third one soon.  Of course following along with #26bookswithbringingupburns and #goodreadschallenge again in 2019! #courts26bwbub
Happy New Year! 🎊
Hmm, Winterfest was... interesting. A whole lot of people and hardly any rides open. 🙁 It was very pretty though and Sean got to ride the Red Baron while his brothers were on the Afterburn and then we hightailed it out as about a million more people were coming in the gates.
We always celebrate Will’s birthday with @firebirdsgrill Big Daddy Cake, but tonight they had a 2+ hour wait, so we got takeout.  Can’t believe Will is 10!  He’s one of the happiest, most determined and strongest people you’ll ever meet.
First try on the blades!  He’s hoping to join his big brothers’ street hockey game after lunch! 🏒
All set for their next camping trip, thank you @eklyons and @dangerbatman ⛺️ they can’t believe how soft and lightweight they are!
“Santa is the best!” #seany🦁
Andrew with his new socks 🧦