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📍Los Angeles
Industrial Designer - TV Host
Kids Medical Wristbands @cleverdux
Latest Vlog - Travelling with your ex, Pt 1.

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Everyone knows that lots of big muscles makes light work! Except the kid down front with the slingshot around his neck... he disagrees, he just shoots stuff.
Sneak peak behind the scenes of the new TV show I'm working on. Such an incredible concept, excited for you all to see it! Next stop, Nicaragua.
Nothing but pure excitement when traveling across the country with your ex! (in a tiny little van...) Right lily!? Obviously i filmed everything and part 1 is now on our YouTube page. Link in bio, swipe up link in current stories. More to come! #ex-cellantadventures
Thanks for adopting me this Christmas Hyladams! #hyladamsfamily
I'm one to brag... but, what a day to be alive! Beautiful sunny weather, clean air, it's Friday... What a start to the weekend! How do you feel @wellsadams? Great day? Thought so.
What a crazy 6 days that was! Can't wait to share more about the new TV show I'm working on with you guys. Until then, I'm gonna lay here on the cold concrete and relax for 5... Goodnight.
Told John Cena he was cool, apparently he'd never been described as "cool" before... we're basically best friends now. 
Do yourself a favour and go see Bumblebee, such a good film! #bumblebeemovie #worldpremiere
Well, back to being a lone rock. Taking applications for a new bestie (for the next month). Must be ok with spontaneous roadtrips, baby wipe showers and a diet of tacos & dark chocolate almonds with peppermint tea. Apply within, big shoes to fill.
Travel safe crusty crab woman! Head straight home, don't talk to strangers and use safe word "Colton" if you're in trouble. 
See ya when I'm lookin at ya.
Find a best bud who shares your love for adventure and who's pinpoint accurate nipple cripples occur so often you just accept them.
A grand location with a grand canyon deserves a grand insta-hoe starjump.
She threw out a last minute invite and certainly doesn't regret it... Not even after i picked last nights off grid sleeping location next to a frozen lake which almost killed us.