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Industrial Designer
I make medical wristbands for kids @cleverdux
Available for FREE in Aus - & in the US, link below

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Happy Birthday to this truly one of a kind specimen. You're the combination of a sea cucumber and chipotle hot sauce. Translated that means you're an ocean sloth that could happily live there until you crust over, plus your life has so much spice its like hot sauce in the eyes.
Further translated, you're never happier than when you're close to the ocean and on the next adventure. I'm so grateful to have been apart of your crazy life and experienced the creative chaos. I can't beleive what you've acheived in only 22 years and although I've only known you for 12 months, it feels like I've known you forever. There'll only ever be one Lily and I'm glad to have her in my life.
Dear Halloween Hangover 2018, you were great but it's time to go now. You've hung around for far to long and even put me in hospital you cheeky little devil! It's safe to say that unlike that night, you'll never be forgotten.
Antibiotics are taking it from here, they said to say hi to your mum for them. 
Until next time.
🤙FRIDAAAAAAY! Time to shred the gnar!!
Not really though because I'm actually still in bed recovering from Halloween celebrations... #oldmanhangovers
If The Beatles and Taylor Swift had a baby it would be this awesome new band '2 yokels & the half dead man'. You're welcome America.
Huge Guns, Huge Quads (legs and bikes), Huge Cactus, Huge Coolness. Name one huge thing that's not in this photo... yeh, that's what i thought.
These rusty poles still didn't creek as much my rusty legs on the dance floor. 📷 cred: @deanie_babies #boyfriendsofinstagram
A couple of special kids touring Mexico in an RV, 4 thumbs up.
I'm not a tourist, you're a tourist.
A bit surreal last week being on the red carpet at The Chinese Theatre for the Halloween premiere. Check out this little snippet of Hollywood Movie Minutes! Full video on @roadshow IGTV.
Pooped myself when I saw Michael, shat myself when i interviewed Jamie Lee Curtis.
My selfie game was about as weak as my 90 year old knees after this feat of stupidity. But we made it. Courtney 1, Big Mountain 0.
Some people say you need to get lost in order to find yourself... Well i certainly got lost! All i found though was how bad stinging nettles hurt. I also found a cool stick. #intothewild