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Sometimes I'm on TV.
Industrial Designer.
I make medical wristbands for kids.
Available for FREE here -

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Team Medical Wristband ready to supply the children of America with simple yet potentially life saving wristbands for FREE! 
Head to the link in my bio to get one for your child or tag a friend who could use one. There's also an option to buy a 2nd or 3rd wristband and 100% of the profits go to purchasing more wristbands so we can give more away!!! Wristbands available for Asthma, Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Autism and a Medical Condition one with a writeable space on the inside for specific details. (For the rarer things) 
The wristband colors never change so the conditions can be recognized anywhere! Misdiagnosed conditions leads to incorrect treatment which leads to hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and numerous child deaths every year! Lets create a new national standard and raise awareness for misdiagnoses. 
#seeandsave #yourchildmatters #freemedicalwristbands #simplesolution #awareness
There was definitely still a few aliens crawling around yesterday... a few zombies today. #independenceday #july4th
My medical wristbands have arrived!!! (And there's a lot of them...) Head to the link in my bio to grab one for FREEEEEEE!! Specific coloured bands for each condition ensures correct and immediate first aid is applied if anything ever goes wrong. 
Correct first aid saves lives!!! Tag someone you know who could benefit from these and help spread the love!
#seeandsave #yourchildmatters #asthma #allergy #anaphylaxis #epilepsy #diabetes #autism #medicalcondition #education
Lily said I'd find a good caption for once at the bottom of the trash bin... all i found was a beer. #winning
The fuzzy haired sloth child demands piggy back rides every time we leave the house and my old man bones often struggle under the immense pressure... At least my elderly eyes won't struggle this #NationalSunglassesDay when I'm rocking my @officialmauijim's! The PolarizedPlus2 lenses on these bad boys are actually insane!! They block 100% of UVA and UVB rays but unfortunately don't block @lilymcmanus from jumping onto my back after she's eaten 3 In and Out burgers... ya can't win em all.
#Mauijim #theviewisbetterfromhere #ad
Why get botox when you can achieve the same result using your front phone camera in low light. Problem solved. #lifehacks #yourewelcome #waxface
6 months with the crusty crab woman. Thanks for being the weirdest person I've ever met and making me feel remotely normal. P.s. I know you like to keep clothing items forever but it's time to let go of the grannie panties. 
How good is America! (Except when Chewbacca photobombs your selfie...)
Incredibly excited to have just purchased 10,000 of the medical wristbands me and my bro designed & ready to give away to American kids for FREEEEEEE! Not so excited that I've drained my bank account and may have to leave the country soon... Hmmmm... PRIORITIES!!! Platform of where you can apply coming as soon as the band's arrive in the US. Any day now... #yourchildmatters #seeandsave #riskitforthebiscuit #asthma #allergy #anaphylaxis #epilepsy #diabetes #autism #awareness #identificationsaveslives
If tonight is anything like last Friday, protect your hedges.
Sometimes you just gotta escape the crazy, find a quiet spot and have some me time. Am I right!? Or am I the crazy...
Found the famous one eyed sloppy tongue woman at a rare, top of canyon location. Had to get a selfie. Wouldn't sign my boob.