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I like building stuff, filming things, traveling and cars. Social Colabs -
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Found the famous one eyed sloppy tongue woman at a rare, top of canyon location. Had to get a selfie. Wouldn't sign my boob.
Trying to play it cool for the #selfie when I actually just pooped myself because I'm scared of heights... the walk down was interesting. #skiddies 📷:@jens.bracht
Misdiagnosed medical conditions causes hundreds of child deaths every year.
Me and my bro designed a simple wristband system that immediately identifies what your child's condition is, so if anything goes wrong, your childs teacher, nanny, sports coach, holiday carer, anyone and everyone knows exactly what to treat them for FIRST. It's called 'See & Save' and I'm giving these wristbands away to American families for FREE! (Because you have the highest rates of these conditions in the world) If your child has Asthma, Allergies, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy, Diabetes or Autism, I've got you covered! 
Tag someone who could benefit and stay tuned for the website details where you can get one. #seeandsave #yourchildmatters #identificationsaveslives #awarenessmonth
A 5 star woman deserves nothing less than 5 star date nights. #tacos4life #thisisamerica #datenight #living
Howdy y'all, who wants a moustache ride? #itsashortride #probablynotworthit
Mondayitis wishing I was on the road again, travelling across America with this salty crab woman. 
#roadtrip #letsgoagain
#maythe4thbewithyou #starwars
Insta friends, I have a real world problem! To grow or not to grow back my outstanding facial hair, as displayed here. (You may need to zoom in...) For and against scores will be tallied and determine the outcome. Responses of more than 1 word are worth double points. Be gentle. 📷: @jennymegenney
Trying to get a nice selfie with Goldie locks is about as easy as getting @deanie_babies to choose one girlfriend.
Selfie timers are all about composure. #nailedit #selfie #art 
Have a great weekend everyone!
Always such a bloody fun time for all when the 3 of us hang out. Love ya Jords (#thirdwheel), until next time. 🛫
The theory goes that thee who does the headlocking in a relationship wears the pants... I find that hard to believe given Lily rarely ever wears pants and when she does she pulls them up to her nipples which isn't a very commanding position... #mythbusted