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📍Los Angeles.
Industrial Designer.
I make medical wristbands for kids.
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Mustang Sally has been let loose on roads with no top on. Protect your children. #exboyfriendoftheyear
Just a couple of good boys, living their best lives and not getting into any trouble. Ever.
Stood here all night, didn't pick up... #falseadvertising
On a more current note, cheers to these legends who always ask if I'm ok and lend an ear, even if it's during far to many Buds and we forget everything in the morning... Love ya. #RUOK
Bloody love Friday's! Can't wait for old mate Bud Light and his best mate Titos to show me a good night. Seats on the booze bus still available, all aboard!
Congrats to the babe on the left for becoming the new Bach! Little throw back to the days before you were a superstar and you had golden locks that flowed like Rapunzel. You were so scared of the Donald Duck ride this day but luckily Ashley and I were there to hold your hand and not Tia. Good luck finding your Princess Jasmine.
Mate Date. 
Wish i didn't have to do this... Unfortunately it's the world we live in, so here it is. There's probably not many of you who'll understand this or even be able to relate, but Lily and i have chosen not to end our relationship but to continue it as mates. We're best friends and its become clear to both of us that the emotional side of our relationship just doesn't allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. Perhaps in a world where there are no distractions, no life obstacles, nothing else mattered and looking into the future wasn't even a thought, things might be different... but that's not reality and we've decided that this is for the best.
Now, to this deleted scene from the adventure where we met. This video captures us. My crappy humor, our vulnerability, your witty replies, our many similarities including drinking beers from shoes but most of all the moment we both took a chance with each other. In my eyes this was the moment our relationship began, 8 months, 2 weeks and 2 days ago. Man time flies... I love ya kid. At 21 i've never met someone who's lived so many lives, acheived so much and who's still so ambitious and ready take over the world. Since moving here you've lived in about 6 different apts, had 2 cars towed and crushed, you're writing books, a tv series, starring in Amazon shows, studying to be an actress, trying to be an insta hoe, being an insta hoe and you've only had 3 nervous breakdowns. That's impressive! Above all this you've had to deal with an old man who's knees pre date the dinosaurs and whose just trying to keep up. Seriously, I'm very proud of you. Google lists your net worth at 15 million and although its perhaps slightly off right now, i have no doubt that one day you'll be worth double. I've always lived under the motto - "Everything happens for a reason" and i have no doubt we were meant to meet. In Vermont all we ever heard from everyone else was "Lily and Courtney, they're the exact same person". It was kind of creepy but very refreshing. (Plus you're a much more attractive reflection than I'm used to)
The granny panty wearing crab woman is back on the market, make sure you like to live fast or you'll struggle to keep up.
The year was 1997. My first kiss was next to a graffiti wall, behind McDonald’s after watching Austin Powers at the cinema with the girl I had a crush on. Pretty sure I had pickle breath from the cheeseburger I just ate... What a moment. Anyway, can you guess what film this scene is from? And while we're at it, where was your first kiss? @lilymcmanus @netflixanz @joeyking @jacobelordi @joel_courtney #firstkiss #netflix #spon
We have a confession to make... We love Rom Coms. Guilty. So, Lily and I were thinking of expressing OUR love for these saucy heart hugging winter warmers with one of those cute in bed, block of chocolate and glass of red wine kinda posts but THEN we thought we'd take it one step further and recreate a couple of scenes from some of our current Netflix favorites! How did we do? Can you guess what film this scene is from? Next one coming soon! @lilymcmanus @netflixanz @glenpowell @zoeydeutch @setitupnetflix @iamjerodmixon #setitup #netflix #spon
There was hearts and legs squashed last night for The Bachelorette Finale. Bring on tonight's Paradise premiere so we can see some nude squashing!
Last night we took over @enews Instagram and it was emotional... Especially when i caught an M&M in my mouth after Lily rebounded it off the TV screen. #teamwork 
Check out the E News insta stories to see the glorious moment unfold. (And other bachelor related content...) #mentellall #thebachelorette #enews
Just like Jared & Ashley, our San Francisco road trip video has finally come together!!! Stay tuned for the link.