Printed phone cases from Italy
We love taking care of every detail of our cases. And how funny is making our packages with @kitcutstudio stamp?! We just love it!
Life near sea is different from the one Silvia used to in the big city. Distances are shorter, time is slower and colors are brighter.. How beautiful is this?! This #coverizingcase is for a OnePlus 3, matte finish. Available in our Etsy shop, link in bio.
This tiles reminds us the sea. During their holidays Silvia and Federico had the chance to snorkel.. It one of the most relaxing things ever: the tickle of the sea, it's hush, it's magic treasure. It's a complete new world, and we totally enjoy it!

This #coverizingcase is for an iPhone 6, matte finish. Available in our Etsy shop, link in bio.
For Silvia reading Harry Potter books is like a walk in her memories. She read the first one at eleven years old and she grew with the saga. Every book defines a period of her life and she loves remember it just by flip through it.
What is the book that tells your story?

This #coverizingcase is for a OnePlus 3, matte finish. Available in our Etsy shop, link in bio.
We're back from holidays, fresh and ready to start another great year! Well, actually in Italy days are still lovely and we spent our free time having a cocktail on the beach. We know, it's not fair, but it's one of the benefits of living along the sea.. ---
This #coverizingcase is a OnePlus 5 with glossy finish. We love it, by the way. Link in bio.
Silvia has just received her #OnePlus5 and she is super excited, she love it very much. While she's playing with her brand new phone, the rest of the team have a surprise for you: we give you the chance to pre-order your OnePlus 5 case and get #freeshipping ! Super cool, isn't it?
You can choose between ANY of our design and use the cupon HELLO5 during checkout to (link in bio).
Please, consider we'll able to print around July 7th and 12th.
Silvia si è appena comprata un OnePlus 5! E' super contenta e lo adora già, ne sta testando le funzionalità in questi giorni. E mentre lei gioca con il suo nuovissimo telefono, il resto del team è pronto per farvi una sorpresa: i pre-ordini per le cover per i OnePlus 5 sono aperti, yay!
Potrete scegliere tra QUALSIASI design presente nel nostro negozio e inserendo il codice HELLO5 durante il checkout avrete le spese di spedizione gratuite. Non fatevi sfuggire l'occasione!
Le cover in pre-ordine verranno stampate tra il 7 e il 12 di Luglio. . . . . . .

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Yellow is the color of happiness. We totally love #yellow and we're happy: there is a lot of stuff going on around here! In a few days you'll know everything.. In the meantime, what is your favourite color?

In this #moodboard we mix and match a #coverizingcase with yellow tulips by @thesweetestoccasion  a belt by @aliceclosetdesign and the happy pillow by MonochromeStudio via @etsy ------------
Il giallo è il colore della felicità. E guarda a caso è uno dei nostri colori preferiti, anche perché in questo periodo siamo davvero molto felici: tantissime cose stanno bollendo in pentola! Ci sono ancora dei dettagli da sistemare e presto vi spiegheremo tutto.. Nel frattempo, qual è il vostro colore preferito?
. .
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We've been quiet for a while because some great changes are happening (we'll reveal soon!) but we're still working hard for you. And finally we're expecting the cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus!
They're on their way and we'll be able to print around mid-June but in the meantime we'd love to give you the possibility to pre-order your case: you can choose between ANY of our design and we offer you #freeshipping ! Don't miss this opportunity, just use the cupon HELLOGALAXY during checkout to (link in bio)
Siamo stati silenziosi per un po' ma stanno avvenendo grossi cambiamenti e non vediamo l'ora di svelarveli! Nel frattempo stiamo comunque lavorando sodo per voi e, infatti, stanno finalmente arrivando le cover per il Samsung Galaxy S8 e il Galaxy S8 plus!
Le cover sono praticamente in viaggio e saremo in grado di stampare intorno alla metà di giugno.. Nel frattempo vi diamo la possibilità di preordinare la vostra cover: potrete scegliere tra QUALSIASI design presente nel nostro negozio e avrete le spese di spedizione gratuite! Non perdete l'occasione, basta usare il codice HELLOGALAXY durante il checkout sul sito (link in bio)
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Ready for the night out? Mix and mach your #coverizingcase with a @camomillaitalia wallet, add some essential accessories (where do you wanna go without lipstick? 😉) and you are ready to go. Happy Friday night!
Today the sun shines and everything smells like spring. And so are we! This is a Childe Hassam's painting for our #artcasecollection - it fits definitely the mood.. iPhone case, glossy finish, link in bio.
The week has just started but the planner is already full. No panic with #coverizingcase and #filofax ..At least our week begins full of colors and happiness!
Do you remember the OnePlus 3's work in progress? These is what we get, we love them.. especially for the vibrant colors! And they're all matte finishes.