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Covers 4 Pools Ltd is New Zealand's largest supplier of swimming pool covers and rollers systems. Contact us today.

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Install the Bubble covers and avail the multiple benefits. It keeps the water warm and also reduces evaporation. So, be assured that you won’t have to spend much on chemicals. Call us now for more details.
We understand your love for swimming. So, we have designed pool covers to keep the water warm and perfect for providing you with a great swimming experience. Contact us for installing the perfect pool covers.
Save energy and money on heating costs. With our latest thermal blankets for pools; be sure that the water will be warm and you get perfect feel while swimming. Count on us.
Don’t like blue, we have green, don’t like green, then we have black colored covers. We offer our clients with the chance to safeguard their pools by using colorful pool covers. Feel free to contact us.
Are you water from your pool due to evaporation? Not anymore; we are here to help you out. With our superior quality pool covers we assure our clients with reduced evaporation and also keep the water warm and nice. Call us today.
No one likes to pull the pool covers manually after a great swimming session. Keeping this in mind we have designed a fully automated technology that covers the pools without much hassle. Order your choices today.
We offer superior quality covers to our clients. Be sure that your pool will be protected from dust, dirt and debris. Visit our website for more details.
Why work manually when #Cover4Pools presents the fully automatic Coverstar. Relax and just activate the switch and you will be done. Contact us for more details.
Chemicals for your pool are essential. They keep the pool clean but are expensive. Our #Coverstar swimming pools reduce chemical use by 70%
At #Cover4Pools, we do our utmost to make your life easy. For instance, products like our #Coverstar are fully automated and can be activated just by the turn of a key!
Now, maintaining the water temperature in your pool is easy. Our Thermal blanket technology enables heat storage and reduces evaporation. Visit our website or contact us for more details.

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Are you concerned about cold but still want to swim? Well, our Bubble Cover technology helps the store heat from the sun for longer. Count on us, we got your back.

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