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Designing soulful gifts that warm the ❀ & delight the mind with wood that's saved from the dust.🌌
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Last reminder: Tomorrow is the last day I'm taking orders before I go on vacation at the end of the month. So if you have something, now is the time! 😊 (This tomato slice is a trivet BTW. It's in my shop if you click the link in my profile.πŸ˜‰) #craftydust
Someone's a fan!⚑And I do make wooden dreams come true. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Talk to me before Saturday if you want to order something before I leave for holiday. crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Get GOT ready with these House Sigil coasters! ❄ This week is the last week you can order from my shop before I leave on vacation. So let me know if you want this quickly! 😊😊 #craftydust
Dry and ready to be packed tomorrow! πŸ‘ŒI'm still taking orders this week,  but after July 22nd my shop closes until the end of August as I'm going away for a family vacation. So if you have something you'd like to order,  please do it this week so I'll have enough time to send it to you by the end of July! crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
It's been a couple of busy days and these are the last of my 'last piece item sale'. These children key chains in the form of UAE's map are selling for 40 Aed each. (Original price is 80 Aed each). If you take both, total price will be 70 Aed. Let me know quickly if you want them!πŸ™† Shipping charges apply. #craftydust
My current feelings towards family & friends.πŸ’ž Yesterday was my birthday and today is my husband's, and it's been awesome to realize once again how much we are cared for. It's been more important than the celebration itself and I just feel so grateful!πŸ˜† As for these 2 'Love' words,  I'm selling them at half price if you want them. So instead of 180 Aed, they are now 90 Aed each!πŸ™† It doesn't get better than that! So hurry & get in touch: crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Last piece: UAE Flag-Map tablet stand. Swipe sideways to see all views. Was 490 Aed, Now 350Aed!!! 😍 The first to tell me they want it gets it. Shipping charge applies #craftydust
Since its wedding season, this discounted tablet holder may just be the gift you're looking for.πŸ’ž Swipe across to see all views. It's the last piece in my stock and instead of 490 Aed, it is now for 390 Aed!!! Ships immediately. Shipping charges apply. Let me know if you want it! #craftydust
Was for 200 Aed - Now for 120 Aed!!! πŸŽ† Last piece in my stock ( for a 40% discount!!!) Have it ship to your doorstep immediately. *Shipping charges apply. To book it, email me at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
2 natural brown and 1 golden 'Allah' sculptures ready to go at a nice discount! Just let me know if you're interested! Comment here or email me at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
More last pieces on discount!  This tablet holder with the engraving 'Mum' is now on sale!  It was for 550Aed but is now for 440Aed. Shipping and can on delivery charges apply. Be the first to tell me you want it by emailing me your name,  number & delivery address at crafty.dust@gmail.com 😊😊#craftydust
Happy Friday eveyone! A new discount is here!
Today it's the name 'Mohammed' in Arabic. It's original price is 295 Aed,  but it's now selling at a 20% discount - so for 235 Aed! It's in perfect condition and it's ready to ship immediately. UAE shipping charge is 20 Aed & cash on delivery charge is 10 Aed if you prefer to pay cash on delivery. (Otherwise you can pay by PayPal or bank transfer and the 10 Aed won't apply). All you have to do is comment here that you want it and email me you name,  phone number & delivery address at crafty.dust@gmail.com 🌈 and I'll take it from there. The first to email me these details will get it and I'll comment that it's 'sold' in the comments. So please hurry! Comment and email me your details!! 😊😊
Note: shipping outside the UAE is also possible, so just let me know the country and I'll give you the shipping rate. Payment in this case will have to be in USD by PayPal or bank transfer. #craftydust