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Designing meaningful gifts that warm the ❤ & delight the mind with wood that's saved from the dust.
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Mama, I love you with all my 💓! Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful mother's out there. May you have a sweet day filled with lots of love & family.💐 #craftydust
When I first made this sculpture, I was planning to gift it to my mother on mother's day. But when she saw pictures of it on social media, she ordered it for herself!  She always surprises me with her support... Not only is she my super fan, but also the proud owner of most of my creations.
To order this piece before mother's day,  please be in touch. The last day to order is tomorrow Friday 16th March if you want to receive it on time. crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
Can you guess the slices? These fruit & veggie coasters are from my earlier work, and I still love them. They make fun gifts to mom's, aunts,  grandma's & friends who appreciate good art. Get in touch if you want a set!  crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
I've only got 1 piece left of this exact design with the 'Mum' engraving & it's discounted! A useful Mother's day gift & it ships immediately. Can't get any better than this! To buy it please email me at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust
A beautiful picture from my client! So sweet. 💕 Swipe sideways to see more. For baby name orders be in touch at crafty.dust@gmail.com
"Ummi" or "My Mother"... from my previous collections,  but a must-gift for Mother's day! Please be in touch of you want one. Available in beige, brown, dark brown, gold & silver. #craftydust
Mother & Son. This all time favorite can be ordered for Mother's day. Just let me know! Available in beige, brown, dark brown, gold & silver colors. #craftydust
'Munhata'... Someone's mom's name in Arabic as a gift for Mother's day. It could be your idea too! 🤗 Get n touch if you want one! #craftydust
Swipe sideways to see more details of this exceptional piece.👌#craftydust
Today's masterpiece! You can't tell it's scale by the picture, but it's a large impressive wall hanging. It's was ordered for Mother's day (in case it gives you some ideas) 😉😊 #craftydust
Since it's mostly been about baby themes these days,  do you remember the newborn milestones I designed a while ago? They're still in my shop! #craftydust
This looks like a snap shot from a fairytale! 💞 Thank you @mayaabdo for sharing this sweet picture of baby Sienna's welcome display! 🌸🌼💮 I'm in love!😍#craftydust