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Designing soulful gifts that warm the ❀ & delight the mind with wood that's saved from the dust. 🌌
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Wishing you a Ramadan Mubarak! πŸŒ™ #craftydust
These baby shower gifts are the coolest! Sure to warm a new mom's heart. Order them from my shop by clicking the link in my profile! www.craftydust.com/en/shop.html #craftydust
The newborn announcement set is ready to go!  You can order it from my shop by clicking the link in my profile! www.craftydust.com/en/shop.html #craftydust
OK,  so this was a desk set for a corporate project... But if you're starting to plan for father's day, all this could be personalized in a zillion ways! Just email me at crafty.dust@gmail.com for ideas! #craftydust
The theme for this special piece is 'heart & brain'... To be used on the wedding day and beyond! (as a jewelry plate). πŸ’ #craftydust
Just after it came off the cutting machine. Can you guess what it is? #craftydust
In the meantime drying away... 🌞 #craftydust
From when I was sticking my brand stickers on the back of these corporate coaster giveaways. #craftydust
A zoom in on something new.🌸 It just came off the carving machine - notice the splinters. It needs quite a bit of sanding down before it's becomes ready. Stay tuned for what it's going to turn out!  #craftydust
You may know this ruler from the newborn photography props set... And today I decided to improve it by making it foldable! #craftydust
Get yourself Ramadan ready... by decorating your own home or by gifting loved ones!  Available this year in 2 sizes. Check them out by clicking the link in my profile now! www.craftydust.com/en/shop.html #craftydust
And that's how they were packed! πŸ“¦πŸ‘Œ I take custom orders anytime at crafty.dust@gmail.com #craftydust