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First night cheering on the sidelines for CTMS! The 7th grade squad is full of spirit! 🐺🖤🐺🖤🐺🖤.
A Saturday well-spent. That chance of rain never hit us. 🙌🏻 We got in some great time at the lake. I finally drove the boat- so Jeff was able to tube and wakeboard. Then we took our girls and Afton’s friend to GrapeFest. Made it home just in time to watch the TCU game. 💜💜💜
Friday Night: Afton went to the “80s Social” at school, Maisy had a friend over, and we had dinner with our friends- the Crowley’s. Love a night when everyone has fun! 🙌🏻 #fridaynightfriends
Sneak peek of the amazing art project going on at our elementary school right now. Every child in the school (all 502 of them!) will make one feather for these wings. I love how different each feather is and how beautiful they all look together. “Don’t just fly, SOAR!” 💕#hessoars
Cousin sleepover 👯‍♂️Wrapped it up with an entertaining breakfast at Cracker Barrel 😜.
Happy Birthday Mimi! 💕
Nutcracker Auditions today! #balletdancer
Happy Birthday to my Mom!! Love you so much. Hoping your year is full of even more adventures, lots of laughter and big earrings! ❤️❤️ @athomewithjemmablog
First night of middle school volleyball 🙌🏻. The Lady Wolves scrimmaged against GMS and CMS. So fun seeing sporty friends and getting to play them! It’s going to be a good season.  #ctmswolves
This is middle school 😜. It’s cute and silly and fun. Curriculum Night at CTMS makes me feel thankful. #thewolfway @ctms_afton 🐺🖤🐺
You know what makes a great staff luncheon? An awesome theme! Our middle school principal always keeps us on our toes with his creative theme ideas. This year he chose “Breaking Bad”- Where we focus on Chemistry: the Art & Science of Teaching. Soooooo obviously we had fun with that! Shout out to my ‘co-hostess with the mostess’ Sheri and all our awesome volunteers. The teachers loved it! #middleschoolrocks #ctmswolves #wolfpack #pta #breakingbad
First Day of School! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️3rd Grade & 7th Grade