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World Emoji Day happened to be the same day that it’s 100 million degrees in Dallas 😓. Sooooo we decided to ‘celebrate’ this fake holiday 😜. And actually, emojis seem to be a big part of my everyday communication so maybe they do really deserve their own day! 🤔 We’ll take any excuse we can to stay indoors & craft. The girls and I made emojis with @perlerbrand beads, we only had one ‘circle’ so Maisy got it! 😍Afton made the calendar emoji 📆 (which is July 17th- hence this being World Emoji Day) and I made the classic smiling face 🙂 on a heart. Then Afton used Nilla wafers, icing, sugar eyes and m&m’s to make ‘no-bake’ Emoji Cookies. It was a good day to be creative! #worldemojiday #craftymom #craftykids #itshotoutside (More Emoji craft ideas from the Crafty Texas Girl archives in my story ⬆️❤️).
In honor of World Emoji Day... let’s flashback to this fun ‘first day of school’ party. Will you will be feeling 😢 or 🙂 when the kiddos head back to class next month? 
Fun photo prop idea for a “Boohoo/Yahoo” Back to School Breakfast (with free printable signs for you to use!)

#worldemojiday ☺️😍😊😂😜
It’s always a good day on the lake. ☀️🌊 Fun in the sun with the Roach Family! #searaysummer #connerfamsummer
How to get kids to go on a walk... Give them umbrellas and let them splash through the neighborhood barefoot. #nevertoobigforpuddles
Happy Tuesday ☺️ Lunch on the patio, swimming, and reading by the pool. #momlifeisthebestlife #connerfamsummer
Maisy and her twins! Such sweet friends. Love when “3” is the perfect number. 💓 #summertime
Back in Grapevine 🙌🏻 #reunitedanditfeelssogood #fridaynightfriends ❤️❤️ @grimaldispizzeria
Headed home. Five days in a row on the lake ... still feel like we could do a few more ❤️. The best vacations are the ones that you don’t want to end. #connerfamsummer
Our last day at the cabin in Horseshoe Bay. It was such good family time ❤️ loved this trip with our girls. Nothing beats sunshine & fresh air. #connerfamsummer
It rained so much here this afternoon/evening! But right after dinner (homemade nachos 🙌🏻) the weather finally cleared up. So we chased around an armadillo 😜, fed the deer (again) ❤️ and then did some ‘pops’ and sparklers while watching the big HSB fireworks through the trees. Only 3 out of 4 Conner’s like the ‘big boom’ of 💥 fireworks- poor Maisy !!🙉🇺🇸#partylikeits1776 #connerfamsummer
My girls are loving this camera! We got it back in March but haven’t played with it til this week. Now we are obsessed!! Any great tips from you other GoPro owners out there? I am watching YouTube videos right now for the best ‘GoPro’ settings to use with fireworks. #saycheese #gopro @gopro
Happy 4th of July! We put on all our ‘red, white & blue’ and went to the Horseshoe Bay Parade. Vintage cars & decorated golf carts- so cute! Then we spent a few hours out on the lake before the torrential rain moved in (and brought us a 🐢 turtle). Looks like the storm will be gone in time for fireworks tonight 🙌🏻. #loveyouamerica🇺🇸